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  1. Ehh... nothing really "current" as in "they've got a new CD out right now." But if we're talking "current" as in the last few years, Josh Groban is the main one for me. Dunno... guess I'm just not into the bands that are big right now.
  2. Anjana, I just saw it on Amazon, available for preorder, including the CD. Maybe it was a temporary glitch. When I searched, it was there, almost at the bottom of the page.
  3. Shirley, you probably didn't mean it that way, but that came off as kind of insensitive. I've battled depression and known people who have committed suicide. It is NOT as easy as you make it sound. Imagine waking up EVERY DAY under a cloudy, rainy sky, and feeling like your entire life is going wrong, no matter WHAT you do. THAT's what depression is like. And it's not just a matter of willpower, either- there is a biological component to depression, and some people have to take antidepressants on a regular basis. Good for Adam for continuing to raise awareness on this!!
  4. Granted, any album review IS ultimately just the reviewer's personal opinion. But I think there are an awful lot of reviewers out there who are biased against U2, for whatever reason, and are going to diss ANYTHING they put out.
  5. Yes! Amazon has it for pre-sale. For some reason, I can't post the link, but if you go to Amazon and search for it, it'll come up towards the bottom of the results page.
  6. I work in medical records, though am out of work at the moment. Am waiting to hear about a job I interviewed for yesterday.
  7. I know! Talk about being blindsided in the best way possible!
  8. Holy cow!! Talk about a surprise!! Is it available on regular CD too, for us cheapskates who don't have MP3 players?
  9. I don't really care how long it takes the band to come out with a new album, as I know pretty much whatever they do will be better than the VAST majority of what's played on the radio these days. I just wish they'd quit with the teasing... telling the media and the fans that "oh, yeah, it'll definitely be out by such-and-such month" and then with that time comes, it's "oops, sorry, we've run into problems..." They really need to make a policy of NOT saying anything until the album is actually WELL on it's way to being done (i.e., in post-production) and they can give a pretty solid estimate o
  10. Alma- "hinky" has been one of my favorites ever since I heard it in the CSI shows. I'm a Minnesota girl, and around here, one of the biggest regionalisms is "Uff da!" It's a Scandinavian thing, and sort of an all-purpose expression of exasperation/ sympathy. "You betcha" is also big around here. Also, you'll occasionally hear, "My dogs are barking," which translates to, "My feet are tired."
  11. My hometown of Minneapolis for me... I really don't have the $$ to travel anywhere.
  12. Hey everyone, I know I haven't been around much! A song by Roxette (remember them?) that I came across recently that makes me smile. Church of Your Heart Can we leave the world outside, just for awhile, just for awhile And spend some time, you and I, under this bright, glorious sky? It's been so long since I first saw you, But I still love that smile in your eyes Yes it's true, right from the start, I believed in the church of your heart Yes it's you, that made me be part of, and believe in the church of your heart Step inside, lay yourself down, just for awhile, rest for awhile I
  13. We don't have any indoor stadiums in MSP that would be good for a concert. The one that most bands play, the Xcel Energy Center (known locally as "The X") is reputed to have terrible acoustics, the Metrodome is infamous for bad sound, and I don't think Target Center is big enough. Stick with the outdoor shows... would love to see U2 at the U of MN again! Now *that* is a sweet venue!!
  14. Wow, I've never heard that version either... like the "you'll never walk alone" ending. Any idea where I might be able to find the guitar tabs for this? (Am just learning to play, and would love to be able to have this as part of my repertoire someday!)
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