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  1. When I tell people I am going to see U2 in Dublin, even those that aren't fans (aka...people I should reconsider being friends with) eyes get big and jaws drop. I have been to a fair amount of U2 concerts but this one feels like it will be an international coming home to a home I have never been but feel drawn to with friends I have yet to meet. My question is, where are all of you coming from to go to this concert?
  2. That's funny. I'm jealous! Just booked Maldron Parnell Square -- did the "Advance Pay" option for €271 a night, July 21 and 22. I'll need to forego eating, paying bills, etc., but at least I found a place to stay. We are in the Maldron Smithfield. While getting our flights/hotel, they said that Dublin is over 90% booked. Maybe a scare tactic but it worked. Spending a week and a half in Ireland. A dream trip for sure! Deciding which brother to sell to pay for this trip.
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