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  1. When I tell people I am going to see U2 in Dublin, even those that aren't fans (aka...people I should reconsider being friends with) eyes get big and jaws drop. I have been to a fair amount of U2 concerts but this one feels like it will be an international coming home to a home I have never been but feel drawn to with friends I have yet to meet. My question is, where are all of you coming from to go to this concert?
  2. That's funny. I'm jealous! Just booked Maldron Parnell Square -- did the "Advance Pay" option for €271 a night, July 21 and 22. I'll need to forego eating, paying bills, etc., but at least I found a place to stay. We are in the Maldron Smithfield. While getting our flights/hotel, they said that Dublin is over 90% booked. Maybe a scare tactic but it worked. Spending a week and a half in Ireland. A dream trip for sure! Deciding which brother to sell to pay for this trip.
  3. Please take care of yourself! We will all be praying for you and will keep the excitement up for when you and the guys return to SLC. xoxo
  4. Got my GA tickets today!! I live about a block from Rice Eccles Stadium. It's a bit smaller than the average stadium they have been playing in. Saw them GA last September in Chicago at Soldier Field and that place was massive. I still can't believe they will be playing basically in my back yard!! So surreal!
  5. I went to the first N.A. show in Chicago and many that went to both shows there said the second was by far the best. Although I am still freaking out that they are coming to SLC and playing basically in my backyard, (I live a block away from Rice Eccles Stadium) the Anaheim show will still be amazing. Yes, there is a buzz about where the first show is and being there for it but EVERY show is an amazing experience and hopefully the title of "first show" or "second show", etc, won't take away from that experience.
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