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  1. Hi Sezzer, I'm paying €20 in shipping costs. That's my own choice, I prefer to do some sightseeing in Rome than having to pick up the tickets. But you're right, one can avoid these costs. But I also paid €30 in presale and service fees for two tickets, which is a bit excessive in my opinion. But enough about money, glad you got tickets as well. Enjoy!
  2. Me too, at about the same time. Thanks. Btw, €50 service & delivery fees for two tickets. I feel crazy for paying this without even caring. It's great to go see the band in Rome, but these fees are ridiculous. Anyway, I'm sure it's going to be great. Enjoy!
  3. And now I got them. Thanks for the advice, Bigwave! So if you don't get tickets, keep trying!
  4. I will. Thx. It's quite disappointing though, that apparently there was very little availability. Amsterdam, Barcelona GA all sold out as well. But alright, I'll keep trying.
  5. Got in at 9 o'clock with a wireless pre sale code to buy 2 GA Rome. Nothing, all sold out. Quite disappointed. Now I'll go for it on Monday. Fanclub subscription was for nothing. Well, a welcome gift...
  6. Same here. I also have already used my pre sale code for a Paris show, but I have recently received pre sale codes for the Dublin show and the email is stating I haven't used my pre sale codes yet. Would like to know if I am good to go and try and get tickets for the Dublin show. I obviously don't want to run the risk of having my tickets cancelled. Thanks.
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