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  1. Hi Big Wave, Thank you for being an awesome moderator! We appreciate you!
  2. Yeah yeah yeah!!! Email from Ticketmaster with code!!! HAPPY!!!
  3. Propaganda since’86. Where is my code??
  4. The phone number is busy. Cannot get through. What should I do?
  5. I have not received an email or a text message. I have done everything right. What’s the deal? I want my presale code! HELP!!!
  6. Omni/ Atlanta/ December '87 Sat in the bleachers behind the stage. Watched Bono from behind! Countin em down, one hundred, two hundred...Then One Tree Hill rang out over the radio on the drive home. I've loved them ever since. I've lost track of the trips to see them since 1987. Lots of frequent flyer miles racked up! Joshua Tree in Tampa will be a dream come true. The word is out now. And I miss the Propaganda days when we didn't sit in the chairs provided in the front row, but stood and sang our hearts out, right along with Bono. I think we threw him off key sometimes! Let's go to the church of U2 Tampa!
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