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  1. I can always listen to Ultraviolet. Or Love Is Blindness.
  2. I agree with this 100% For as long as I've been following U2 (since the late 80s), they've been vocal about their beliefs. If you're not into bands that express their opinions on world events, then U2 is not the band for you. Boos and heckling from the audience sometimes happens when they disagree with the band's positions on these things. When I saw them in 2015, I was sat next to a bunch of knuckle-draggers who yelled abuse whenever Bono mentioned the need to behave humanely towards refugees. Still, they're entitled to that opinion I suppose, and they seemed to enjoy the gig otherw
  3. Six tracks from Achtung Baby last night (by my rough count). I approve.
  4. That's kind-of useful, although I had to go to the U2 Store via the link at the top of the U2.com site (not the direct Fanfire link) in order to be logged in. That said, the information available in my order status is pretty sparse, with no tracking number etc. Still, I've learned to be patient with anything coming from Fanfire -- their process does run at an incredibly glacial pace!
  5. I can't say, to be honest. I've never been to that venue. Maybe ask in the forum section for that concert? http://zootopia.u2.com/forums/forum/284-mediolanum-forum-milan-it/
  6. Second-cheapest actually. (The cheapest are the £35 tickets, but I had those for the I&E tour and basically couldn't see the stage at all as it was obscured by a lighting rig.) But thanks for the honest review. I had pretty much resigned myself to not being able to see the video wall that extends along the walkway (or at least did for the I&E tour), as you need a seat at the side for that, and they're all silly prices. I suppose as long as I can see most of the stage (even from the back), and some video representation of what's going on from the front, I'll be happy enough.
  7. So, I successfully nabbed some £70 level 1 tickets for London. So far so good. When I was selecting them, I was a bit unsure of exactly where they were (apart from on level 1). The interactive seating map on the AXS website was good at showing the location of the stupidly-priced tickets at the side, and some of the level 4 cheap seats, but the £70 level 1 tickets' location was not shown. But I took a punt anyway (as I didn't want to shell out for the super-expensive tickets, but the last time I got the cheapest tickets for U2 at the O2 the seats and view were terrible). Anyway, it tu
  8. iNNOCENCE presale worked fine for me for the £70 seated tickets for London. No hiccups at all. I did enter the 'waiting room' at 09:50ish though. Maybe that helped. It kept me 'waiting' until about 10:05, then I got the tickets. I hear wide reports that GA tickets are much harder to find.
  9. It's a bit confusing, but certainly on the 'O2 Priority' website they seem to have changed the O2 pre-sale date to Wednesday 24th now. https://priority.o2.co.uk/tickets/5a560c93590801003e9065ff/u2 (Earlier today they were definitely saying the O2 pre-sale was tomorrow morning, but it has since changed, it seems.)
  10. Wow. I'm really glad I shelled out another $40 to renew my (iNNOCENCE) pre-sale opportunity, when all I really needed to do was just not throw away my O2 sim in the next couple of days. Still, I guess the U2.com membership does also give me the unspecified 2018 free gift, which (based on the delays with the 2017 gift) might arrive in the next few years, maybe.
  11. Yes, but this is from the people who said that the 2017 subscribers gift would ship in September 2017. ;-) I'd personally take any times and dates quoted by U2.com with a bucket of salt.
  12. Yeah, that would make sense I suppose.
  13. One (possibly stupid) question that doesn't seem to be addressed by the FAQ (unless I'm missing it)... What timezone do the quoted presale times refer to? There's much reference to 10am, but is this GMT, or CET, or EET? There are three timezones across the EU! I'd hate to start trying to buy tickets at 10am GMT (local for me) and find out that the presale started at 10am CET (i.e. one hour before).
  14. Well that was awesome. I've seen every tour since 1991, and last night's show was amongst the best for me. Seeing them perform The Joshua Tree end-to-end was the closest to a spiritual experience that I've ever had at a gig. I don't have the words for how beautiful that was. Twickenham is a great stadium once you're there, but it's always been so poorly served in terms of transport. 2.5 hours to get back to central London, catching the very last tube by the skin of my teeth. I really hope they play Wembley, or the Olympic Stadium, or ANYWHERE else the next time they're in London!
  15. If this isn't a case of TM running a scam, how do you explain the huge number of high-price resale tickets being offered during 'exclusive' pre-sale periods then? If pre-sale tickets are not transferrable, where have those resale tickets come from?
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