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  1. The Unforgettable fire is a masterpeice, the title track itself is one of my fav u2 tracks, simply brilliant. i really hope they play it in croke park this summer.
  2. they sent an email the other week saying about it, ill paste it here for you Dear Keith, As part of your subscription to U2.com we're mailing you a copy of the limited-edition double CD 'U2 Medium Rare and Remastered'. The CD is now in production and we expect shipping to our paid subscribers to begin in the second week of April. CD's will be shipped in order ofsubscription date, those who have been subscribers longest being mailed first. Please allow 4-7 days for shipping within the U.S., 5-10 days for U.K. and 7-15days elsewhere in the world.
  3. go to tours and then it should give you the pre-sale code there in a box
  4. look, we all know its a no brainer of an argument, anyone who signed up just before the gigs were announced, or rather just signed up for pre sale rights,well then they cant surely think they have a valid argument about having to let 2 groups go before them, ie the ones who pay membership regardless of tours, okso prob a fair few joined to get into the second group (breath?) by timing it right and using there kop on that a gig was imminent, and fair play. but anyonewho just signs up days before (like me lol) and expect to get tickets regardless of how late they are, well they cant really comp
  5. at the same time though you can see some people out there not having the spare money to go and splash on for membership of these boards, but thats more aimedtowards those who genuinely cant afford it, and those who just signed up here for pre-sale privelege and then think it automatically guarantees them a ticketwhen its told beforehand that it might not happen, and then bitch about it when they dont get it.
  6. nope defietely no better time then a u2 concert to visit dublin, i remember last time, the buzz that was in and around temple bar area befor ethe gig, everyonewith previous u2 tour t-shirts on, u2 playing in the pubs, the craic was brilliant, and i remember seeing a lot of people (including me) keep checking andchecking my ticket time and time again to make sure it was still there magic times
  7. are you sure they're gonna make another album after this tour and then hit the road again, it seems like a good 2-3 years work for them, surely they'llprob take a bit of a break after the finish this tour? and anyway, thankfully here in ireland, its so small, they tend to just have the few big enough venues for any bands to play, and most of them are in andaround dublin, and i really cant see u2 playing anywhere outside leinster here in ireland. so at least it means whenever they play in ireland, i'm always within travelling distance.
  8. yeah they played it in croker last time as welll i went, awesome song live.
  9. yes because us irish are sooooooooooo friendy honestly though, you'll have no problems, prob have some drunken banter with plenty of drunk irish alright
  10. i'd like to hear the unforgettable fire ground beneath her feet stay (faraway, so close) bad
  11. you will be fine coming to ireland. dublin is very safe, and beleive it or not, but people of colour are very very common here in ireland, so there is not anychance of any racist attacks happening. in regards to walking the city at night, i aint a dublin local, i am about 40 miles away, so dont spend many nights out in the city, but lately ive been goinga lot more, and trust me, it is very safe once you stick to the main streets. if you go down a dark laneway/alley, there is always that element of danger whereis everywhere else. there off course is the drug problem lots of other citys would
  12. i presume then europe will be getting them a little later. I demand, that as Fellow Irishmen, they should look after ireland first
  13. that is just slightly before my time. i remember my dad always having to go over get tickets to wahtever gigs he wanted, whenever i wanted tickets for gigs i have always used the internet, andi'm bloody 29 lol
  14. walkon274 wrote: amyw wrote: All of the information on presale was clear about having a chance at getting tickets early, but those who have been members for years and didn't wait until the last minute should obviously have first crack at tickets. It does state there is a chance to get tickets presale, and they cannot put all 70,000 tickets on sale, they have agreements with places like ticketmaster to sell tickets to general public as well. More shows are almost always added and those who did not get tickets now will then be first up for tickets as Horizon members wi
  15. walkon274 wrote: So all of us Boots members WHO PAID THE SAME PRICE FOR MEMBERSHIP got no tickets even though we were promised access to pre-sale tickets. I called up Customer service and the guy told me they had limited tickets. So let me get this straight then, they knew they had limited tickets, but they kept taking people's $50 and promising them access mid-afternoon of day 2. But then they changed it to 6 pm when all the tickets were gone. Then they say it's b/c they CAN CHANGE THE RULES. All to take advantage of true fans willing to pay $50 to get decent seats. This site should be
  16. actually this is just the place to ask this question. when i click on my profile, it says upgrade to get the cd, then i click on the shop and it says €32 for the cd, i take it im automatically in for the cd right? also, the 25% discount voucher, i have trouble finding that.
  17. yes glasvegas friday, kaisers the sat. and yeah we have the dvd here, wicked, got quite a few u2 dvds, the boston elevation, rattle and hum although think its just the videos, havent watched thatone yet.
  18. yeah go in and you can catch the kaisers, if they play some of there better stuff they'll not be too bad. and just have the sing along in there then by the bar area lol never got to slane, only started to get into u2 just after that. pity i'd love to have gone, slane only 20 mins away from me as well
  19. where are you then, are you pitch or standing? and does anyone know how the pre sale has gone, are all the tickets gone yet?
  20. we got a spare set of tickets for a mate and his g/f, who are 50/50 chances of going, they might be away on hols then, so if they are going on hols, i'lllet ya know and ya can have em for face value.
  21. yeah def get there early, i'm gonna do so, it just means you do miss the whole build up, but what would you rather,be in the pub until an hour before thegig, have a big sing songs, then get to the ground and be near the back, or go to the ground early, mooch about, then get your spot up close to the front andthen enjoy the gig even more. and 87 is way before my time in regards to u2 gigs, i was only 7 then, say it was wicked all the same though
  22. yeah a mate went last year the first gig and said the sound was bad, but even when i was there the monday the sound sounded fine to me but folk still gave outabout it, anyway i wouldnt worry too much about it, it'll be a good gig anyway, just make sure your near the front and the sound wont affect ya lol
  23. i was just so happy to get tickets i didnt even pay attention to the service charge lol
  24. think i got there around 4 or so,it was the monday gig, i know we hung around temple bar for a bit before shooting off to the stadium, then went in, walked upto the front and saw that they were letting folk in, got our stamps, and then had that extra area, the walkway for the stage went right past us so we stillcaught a lot of the action, def wanna get back in there again if they have it
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