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  1. I messaged them via the website and someone just wrote back and said send us the details of your other card - which I did. They wrote back:


    All updated for you now Gregg! Use that card for entry, happy queuing :)


    Well, I'm happy!!!!! :)

  2. Hi,

    Following on from the Box Office opening times thread - I am slightly concerned here. I have tickets for only Saturday night, and I plan to queue from quite early the same as I did at the O2.


    At the O2, if you presented your credit card at the box office, they were happy to give you a hard ticket - even for GA.


    Anyway, 2 weeks ago my credit card got cloned - and the Bank told me to destroy it. So, there I was happily cutting it into pieces, when I realised - hold on is this the card I paid for the tickets on? I checked and it was - so I have kept the pieces, but I doubt it would scan!


    I will be in Dublin on Friday afternoon, do you think the Box Office can fix this on Friday so that I don't spend all day Saturday having a heart attack?



  3. Hi,

    My buddy has managed to book an extra room for the weekend by mistake. So, he has available a Family Room (which can take 3 people) at the Shipwright Guesthouse (which as I understand is one of the closest after the Gibson) which is now fully sold out for the week.


    This is booked for Friday, Saturday & Sunday (Check In 27th Check Out 30th) - and he doesn't really want to split the booking.


    He wants 330 Euros (so 110 Euros a night) - this is much cheaper than anything else in the area. He can give it up but will lose his deposit, & I imagine they will put it back on sale for a lot more, so hopefully we can help someone out! We are also staying there so can meet you and arrange everything on the Friday.


    If you are interested or have any questions please PM me as soon as possible. 







  4. Hi,

    Long time fan, been all over the place following the band. I bought these tickets when they first went on sale thru the pre-sale, planning to travel from the UK - but now I really don't think it's going to happen, so reluctantly I have to sell them.


    The tickets are on WillCall as I have no other option being outside the US - but LiveNation have agreed I can change the name for Collection.


    If anyone only needs one ticket, please let me know - and I may still be tempted to do the crazy thing & come anyway. But I will queue from early so you would need to be as crazy as me ;)





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