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  1. anyone having trouble getting GA from TM site for San Jose? A friend is trying from overseas but the option doesn't even come up. I see them in app which she can't access (and look sold out on app). Help?
  2. Thanks so much for all your help! Clearing cache worked and I was able to buy 2 GA tix for San Diego. What a cluster!
  3. Thanks, mods for the update. I have four unused and my friend has two unused codes. We can't buy GA for San Diego (either not showing up as an option or telling us that we have exceeded our ticket limit - this last message only comes up on the mobile site for TM)
  4. Even if you have four and TRY to buy tickets but don't succeed, you still have the limit exceeded message.
  5. Not exactly. I have four unused codes. The only way I can even get GA to show up as an option for San Diego is if I use the mobile site on my phone. I got all the way through to confirm purchase and the page crashed. When I tried again, it told me that I had exceeded my ticket limit. What a mess!
  6. Why does San Diego not even show GA as an option?
  7. Both chrome and safari on max show NO GA option on ticket pull down menu? WTF?
  8. Thanks for the info. My presale is 24 hours away and, of course, no codes yet! LOL When you say notification, do you mean via email? I can't remember how it happened last time except the codes were crossed out and they they weren't. Don't recall any communication (outside of helpful info on this board).
  9. Bought 2 GA through TM for San Francisco. Should have two additional purchases but code now shows up with strike through. Adding my name to the list.
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