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  1. HI i am not much of a fan, but i like some of their stuff. however, they convey all the dark and dreary stuff this culture now is. their cd is all black andgray, this website is the same. they all dress in black. don't you all see they are just like the others? watch TMZ all the stars and celebs all dress inblack or gray. look at car interiors, look at electronics, look at 3 out of 4 people at walmart, its black and gray. look at james taylor new album, all blackand gray. seen the most recent Eagles? all in black. U2 is more of the power elite that dont know what they are doing really. they want to inspire with light,shine their creativity in our hearts and make us unite as one. trouble is i would never trust an angel dressed in black and gray, would you? walmart knowsthat making their shopping carts gray, and not red, subdues the populace into being sheep. black is the color of the night, of no lite, gray is the color oftombstones, the end of life. when a music group comes along in colorful clothes and colorful cd covers and a beautiful website that makes you happy, then iwill join the rest of you. but it is not U2.

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