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  1. I was there on July 5, 2011 for the One Tree Hill premiere, it was magnificent.
  2. Saw the original JT tour 30 years ago in Chicago, actually in Rosemont, IL. "Sing your heart out Chicago"
  3. Oh fantastic pic of Adam and that background! I love the huge screen with the landscapes.
  4. Max, thanks for posting the pic of the empty spot in the GA. I'll be looking for those spots tomorrow LOL. I'm so short I won't see a thing. I can't believe what happened in London tonight, horrid
  5. Thanks Bigwave, I love the Lumineers! Looking forward to seeing them also.
  6. We'll be there tomorrow night, can't wait. Is there a live feed? I haven't been in here or done this for awhile and things have changed a bit. Hi Max and Bigwave
  7. I'd like one of the GA tickets if possible.
  8. I kind of thought that's what he meant but you never know. Not sure how wise it is to mail your credit card to someone though. Do people actually do that? Geez, they've really messed up concert ticket buying and trading. I miss the really old days where you read the ads in the paper and met the person somewhere and exchanged $ and tickets LOL.
  9. I'd buy the 2 tickets. Not sure what you mean by you'd cancel and ship your credit card? Sorry about your gf not being able to go.
  10. I know this is probably impossible, but if anyone has 1 GA for 2nd night would be very grateful.
  11. Max. thanks for this! I'm actually watching it again right now on HBO West. There's so many dang HBO channels LOL. I'm glad I can watch it when I want with On Demand, I think Comcast is the only one with On Demand, I'm not sure though.
  12. I get HBO On Demand free also for 30 days. This worked out perfect cause we have HBO until January 6th. I believe if you pay for HBO you get On Demand and HBO Go, and whatever else they have included in the price.
  13. Having EODM join them on stage and close the show was outstanding. They needed to get back out there ASAP.
  14. The great thing about this tour is the whole stage setup. You don't have to line up super early at all because the GA area is huge on both sides of the stages and connecting walkway. It's not like any other concert where the stage is at one end of the arena so you line up early to try to get near the stage. No matter where you are on the floor with this one, you have a good spot. In fact, being too close to the stages and walkway will hinder your view of their massive screen, same with if your seats are at either end of the arenas.
  15. Just reserve a limo, they're all over the place
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