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  1. The great thing about this tour is the whole stage setup.  You don't have to line up super early at all because the GA area is huge on both sides of the stages and connecting walkway.  It's not like any other concert where the stage is at one end of the arena so you line up early to try to get near the stage.  No matter where you are on the floor with this one, you have a good spot.  In fact, being too close to the stages and walkway will hinder your view of their massive screen, same with if your seats are at either end of the arenas.

  2. [quote name='PattiU2 wrote:


    Zhivvy wrote:

    123love']I dont know but I hate ironing , with that said I still from time to time have to iron things but generally I buy things that dont need an iron lol.................

    Horrible too whens its summer here and you have to iron , sheesh!


    Ugh I hate ironing too, but if it meant  i could work for them I'd be ironing 12 hours a day!

    Sorry I wouldn't even iron for U2, no bloody way!!!!

    roll.gifSame here, I'll wear anything wrinkled before I'd ever iron it.  I only own an iron cause when our son was little I needed one for crafts he would do.  I don't even know where that iron is anymore.

  3. [quote name='mick james wrote:

    blueplanet']Hi there...I read that something called Operation Deadlights took place in the sea north of Ireland in the years following World War Two when the British Military scuttled a bunch of captured German U-Boats..well, "U2" was once the name of a German U-boat...so it sounds like the band hates Brits and called their group afer something that caused problems for Brits during WW2-U-boats, since they did sink ships and kill Brits...plus I think the name makes people sound like they are into-really into -German U-boats to the uninitiated listener...like the band wants you to have enemies or something based on the wrong idea you dig the nazis...kinds messed up I think....but Operation Deadlights happened near Ireland, so that info would be in the Irish society maybe more than the U2 spyplane....I have found Bono to be a bit much on stage sometimes...another thing is the band can't play the blues so I think that makes them less than talented in many peoples eyes....well, take it easy....

    What a load of bollocks.


    The Cuban Missile Crisis happened in 1962 around the time all the band members were born/toddlers and it involved the American U2 spyplane taking photographs of the secret nuclear missiles that Cuba had in their bases.


    Pretty bloody simple.


    U2 spyplanes are a lot more recognisable than Operation Deadlights, and the only people who would think U2 are named after Brit hating German U-boats are those looking for anything negative they can apply to U2.


    The same people that claim Bono is a shape-shifting lizard man who's a member of the Illuminati and the NWO.


    People who talk about the Illuminati are wankers.


      Is there a NWO? We could use one cause the one we're stuck in really stinks lately tongue.gif  



  4. tacosontheceiling wrote:

    First off let me say...Ultraviolet? That kicked ass beyond belief. Great performance, and Bono sounded amazing. So glad they brought that back.


    The Unforgettable Fire brought tears to my eyes. Sorry if that sounds lame or screwed up


    But, I watched the video of Crazy Tonight...and all I could think was...WTF? I may be alone in that, it's fine. I'm not going to tear the band apart over it either. I just thought it was very awkward. I love that song mostly for the instrumental parts...they keyboard at the beginning and between verses, which Edge beautifully transitioned to guitar on the Letterman show, and his guitar solo towards the end. That solo is joyful! Needless to say, they were not there in this performance. Maybe it was just not a great recording and it was hard to hear. But from what I could hear, this made me think I was having a nightmare about a rap concert in the 90s or something. Truly. I love how U2 songs take on a new life when played live, and many songs become even better than the album version. This song played like this for me was sooooo not one of them. It was hard to watch...I kept hoping it would get better, but nope. If they don't rethink this, then come show time I will probably be too full of adrenaline and awe to care about how weird (in a bad way) it is. And it was actually a great performace by Bono...I just think this song is eons better in it's pure form. Ok, that's it for negativity for me. Aside from that thing, everything I heard sounded so great. Please guys, don't flame me to a little crisp for my opinion

    I love the studio version of Crazy for all the reasons you mention also. I thought this live version was pretty cool and different. Nothingwrong with a little experimentation, change up.

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