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  1. The great thing about this tour is the whole stage setup. You don't have to line up super early at all because the GA area is huge on both sides of the stages and connecting walkway. It's not like any other concert where the stage is at one end of the arena so you line up early to try to get near the stage. No matter where you are on the floor with this one, you have a good spot. In fact, being too close to the stages and walkway will hinder your view of their massive screen, same with if your seats are at either end of the arenas.
  2. Just reserve a limo, they're all over the place
  3. Anakin, I feel the same as you. June 28 & 29 shows have now been added and it will be the same disgusting thing all over again. I just knew more shows would be added and maybe if they had listed all 4 shows from the start people would have had a better chance of getting something. The TM+ is disgusting, so is Stub hub. Craigslist and ebay are just modern day versions of people putting an add in the paper in dinosaur days.
  4. I hadn't used TM since last U2 tour so I was thoroughly disgusted when I saw the resale tickets within 15 minutes of tickets going on sale. Scalping is now called 'resale' and laws vary from state to state, and that's how they have gotten around the scalping issue, it's called resale. The laws have been crafted carefully to allow scalping (resale) with certain requirements having to be met. I won't play the game anymore. 40 years of concert going and dealing with mega corporation ticket sellers like TM, Live Nation, etc. and the whole ticket brokering business is enough. It's been rigged
  5. Right now there are Chicago GA seats for $1529.00!! Since when does Ticketbastid allow scalping on their website. In 40 years of concert going I guess it's now legal to actually scalp tickets on so called official ticket sites. I've been at this too long to put up with this crud. We need our money a lot more then multi-millionaire rock stars.
  6. All the problems were probably due to the ticket brokers getting the tickets first and U2 subscribers were second in line. Tickets are available from brokers all over the internet.
  7. This is a great stage setup for Chicago United Center http://www.ticketmaster.com/u2-innocence-experience-tour-2015-chicago-illinois-06-24-2015/event/04004D798E4D21DC?artistid=736365&majorcatid=10001&minorcatid=1
  8. U2 and Bruce, my two favorites in the world. Would've been perfect if Bono could have been there, but then Bruce wouldn't have been. Chris Martin just doesn't have the power voice Bono does, but he did ok.
  9. He finished writing this from his hospital bed. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/bono/ebola-is-what-happens-whe_b_6193506.html?utm_hp_ref=tw
  10. His injuries are similar to a motorcycle accident. High energy probably relates to speed. It says he swerved to avoid another bicyclist and you can easily lose control of your bike at even a low speed when swerving. He might have been thrown from the bike into a tree, rock, bench, anything. Extremely painful injuries and his recovery will take quite awhile. He'll get the best of care and rehab, but it won't be fun. Poor Bono
  11. http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/bono-intensive-therapy-bike-injury-20141119
  12. Good take on the album http://shutter16.com/the-mainstream-u2-songs-of-innocence/
  13. Don't know if this observation has been mentioned, but Sleep Like A Baby Tonight sounds exactly like Wake Up Dead Man. This is a good album, much better then the last two. Very guitar driven and lots of great bass by Adam. Took me a few listens to get into it, but I'm enjoying it. Morganpearl, I like your take on the album cover, I like the cover and I'm in the U.S. LOL.
  14. I've never met Gibbo, but his coolness precedes him I've decided I love Every Breaking Wave, classic U2 song, love it.
  15. Gibbo, didn't notice all the stick you got on FB, but I can imagine. I always enjoy your reviews, truthful and funny. Totally agree with you about Cedarwood Road, great intro, then it stalls out. Agree about Raised By Wolves, lots of old classic U2 sound in it, I like it. The Miracle isn't bad, Every Breaking Wave is a classic U2 ballad, nice. California is all about the Beach Boys sound and the Santa Barbara intro is a nod to their song Baraba Ann IMO. LMAO about Sleep Like A Baby and This Is Where You Can Reach Me, poor Joe and the Sleep song is a snoozefest. I like Iris and The Troub
  16. http://www.rollingstone.com/music/pictures/20-insanely-great-u2-songs-only-hardcore-fans-know-20140314
  17. They should've kept it a straight-rock song IMHO. I've never like electronica style songs much and this was my concern with them working with Danger Mouse. The whole new album should be a straight-rock album.
  18. http://www.rollingstone.com/music/blogs/alternate-take/u2-open-up-about-new-album-after-historic-rooftop-tonight-show-gig-20140218 "I wanna be in that band!" U2's Bono shouts with delight as he stares at the screen. The singer, gripping a beer and dancing to the music, is crammed with the rest of the group – guitarist The Edge, bassist Adam Clayton and drummer Larry Mullen Jr. – into a tiny control room at NBC's Rockefeller Center studios in New York. U2 are reviewing the mix and footage of their performance less than an hour ago on top of the building – 71 floors up, in below-freezing col
  19. I don't know how you can get that quality of sound 70 stories up, outside. No one's hair was blowing, etc. At 70 stories you're going to have wind no matter what. I noticed Larry missing beats also. The acoustic version of OL was really nice. Jimmy Fallon is so funny, he's like a little kid.
  20. http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/u2-eye-summer-release-for-new-album-20140213?utm_source=dailynewsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=newsletter By Kory Grow February 13, 2014 2:05 PM ET U2 explained in a recent interview that the recording of "Ordinary Love," their soundtrack contribution for Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, greatly slowed down the recording of their next album, which now has a tentative summer release date. "We were on a roll – it was clear where we were going," drummer Larry Mullen, Jr. told The Hollywood Reporter. "And a decision was made to abandon sh
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