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  1. You can watch Coldplay's set from last night on there too. Wonder if they have Muse's set on there, I'll have to look Coldplay http://www.youtube.com/Lollapalooza?feature=ticker
  2. [quote name='cash0012 wrote: surrenders']I think Eminem is coming up next even better, one of our friends here was giving us the look when we told him we were going to more than one U2 concert, you know the why on earth do you need to see more than one U2 concert. They don't get it, anyways he went to see Eminem and finally understood why we go to more than one show. For him it was Eminem. Would not go see them more than once though. LOL! I don't like Rap, but I do like Eminem, he's the best at it IMO.
  3. Wow, My Morning Jacket singer right now sounds just like Roger Daltry
  4. They're showing the city now on there, Chicago has one of the prettiest shorelines in the world at night
  5. I think Eminem is coming up next
  6. Lots of great bands at Lollapalooza this weekend http://lineup.lollapalooza.com/
  7. Yes, I ate my own post. I X'd out of that survey figuring it was spam, etc.
  8. I forgot you can watch Lollapalooza live from Chicago this weekend. Last night Coldplay was there and Eminem and a ton of others http://www.youtube.com/Lollapalooza?feature=ticker Right now it's My Morning Jacket
  9. I just went to youtube and a quick survey popped up and you can get gift cards or an iPad2 for filling it out. Is this for real? Anyone else get this survey?
  10. Helen, they're from New Jersy, no where near the South...lol
  11. [quote name=hnicolaidesk]Okay - so you all know how I feel about U2 and Elbow... but another band that I have found recently - which I love is The Black Keys - and this is the song which made me stop - take notice - stare at the radio - and say - who the heck is that? Truth. The Flame - musical seduction. BTW - not much of a video - but its the music which matters. 2 guys, that's it just 2 guys are the band. I hear a lot of influences in this band: Eric Clapton - Cream era Allman Brothers Hendrix BB King John Mayall
  12. I'm here and no one else is, oh well. I like the bickering on here depending on what's being bickered about. Helen, you're as bad as me as far as neglecting housework and in pj's until afternoon. I love being out of the daily work grind, miss the paycheck for sure, but after working since I'm 16 making it roughly 40 years of the daily grind, I'm not eager to get back into it if I don't have to. But I'm also bored and I'm more active and get more done when I'm working and have a schedule.
  13. So what's this thread then?
  14. 60227 I think is the # we're suppose to be on, which is this one. I went back and counted....lol. Thunderstorms stayed a little south of us, but dreary day for sure.
  15. 60223 (I think # is right) - Ugh, don't talk about teenagers. Anything my son touches is just left anywhere, clothes, shoes, dishes, silverware, etc. Drives me insane! I can't tell you how many times I've almost broken my neck tripping over his shoes.
  16. 60208 - Oh brother, another day of severe thunderstorms. I can hear the thunder in the distance heading our way Oops sorry, forgot the counting part.
  17. 60185 - Hi! This place needs a chat room. I don't usually come in this thread, I'll have to start paying more attention to it. Hope you're all doing well, I'm bored, as usual. I need a job, even though there's lots I should be doing around the house.
  18. I'm in a sad mood due to the killing of 6 people in Tucson, Arizona Saturday morning. One of the dead was a 9 year old girl Fortunately Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, who was the target of the 22 year old shooter, is out of surgery and has a good prognosis of recovery after being shot in the head at point blank. Her husband is one of our astronauts. My heart and prayers go out to the families of all the victims. Another horribly sad tragedy in America.
  19. 43312 Glad to hear the sun has come out Janette, hope it stays our for at least a week. Our winter is very mild so far while everyone else is suffering. We had the mounds of snow the past 2 winters. We're getting rain at the end of the week. We NEVER get rain in winter. I'd rather have snow.
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