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  1. Shannon387, there's been no determination yet what exactly caused Whitney's death. It has been reported there was Xanax pills, antibiotic for recent sore throat, and some other Rx. She had champagne and beer with her dinner in her room. So if she took any of those pills along with alcohol, that's a deadly combination. If she had a heart attack, I'll bet it was due to the deadly combo, or just the years of substance abuse by her own admission. Whitney had an amazing voice! A real gift from God, unfortunately she didn't take care of it. I don't own any of her records, but when she came on th
  2. Sigma, you seem to be as rabid as I am about our economy, government, etc. It's all a big ponzi scheme. I've said for a long time the federal reserve should be abolished. Senator Bernie Sanders has been after it forever and was one of the politicians to demand an audit of the Federal Reserve. limited as that audit it was, it was a big eye opener to even a lot of our politicians. None of this is new to me, but unfortunately most Americans are clueless to what our Federal Reserve is about and how it operates. Ben Bernanke is a big freaking a**hole! Obama's been a disappointment with the pe
  3. [quote name='123love wrote: peterferris8']WHAT is McFat Cat smoking?! Money! (Jk) LOL! Bingo!
  4. So McG is like our politicians, not fully understanding, how SOPA and PIPA would've censored the internet. Nothing wrong with trying to stop online piracy, but passing some hodge podge bill without realizing the true effect it would have is careless at the least. Working with the people who understand the technology to come up with something less intrusive is smarter, but whoever said our government was smart. From @U2 This one's sure to spread like wildfire on the web in the coming days, so we'll report it here briefly even though it's not directly U2-related. The band's manager,
  5. Yeah right, and if you believe that, I have a bridge I can sell you. OWS scares officials here and they're preparing for when things get worse. Even our local police departments have military grade weaponry.
  6. I searched for any info about Bono commenting on SOPA or PIPA and didn't find a thing. Fortunately, for now, SOPA and PIPA are not happening.
  7. I don't tweet much, never seen a reason too. Twitter has offices all over the world and they have to comply with rules and laws according to the country they're in or their employees could risk being arrested in some countries. You can also easily circumvent their censoring by changing the country in your account information, not your profile. Twitter even advises you how to do it on their site.
  8. I haven't used Google for ages because of privacy concerns. Not that anything on the internet is private. I've used Bing since the day it first arrived. I don't use Google Chrome or plus either.
  9. Finally found the movie and watched it here http://www.sundancenow.com/film/the-27-club/333 for only $3.99. It's a decent movie, slow moving, interesting story line, I enjoyed it. Joe Anderson does a great job and I thought Eve was very good. David Emrich also gives a good performance.
  10. WTH?! If whoever that band is can play it, why not U2 who wrote it. That's strange!
  11. They're trying to appease the Motion Picture Industry and Recording Industry. The motion picture industry is the big culprit behind all this, with all their money and lobbyists. If our government is going to get involved with the internet and piracy, they need to sit down and learn from the people who understand the internet and technology before they come up with some arbitrary bill.
  12. This is from demandprogress.org: Wow. We just won. From the Associated Press: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said he was postponing a test vote set for Tuesday "in light of recent events." So, in other words, because of all of us. Absolutely amazing. Demand Progress has been fighting this legislation for more than a year -- having grown from nothing to over one million members during that period. We rely on those members to fund our (2-person) operation -- are you able to help out? Please click here if you're able to chip in 5, 10, or 20 bucks so we can keep on fightin
  13. And it begins...Megaupload has been shutdown by the FBI and the founder and others were arrested http://money.msn.com/busi...10455&ocid=ansmony11 In retaliation, Anonymous disruptued government sites http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/01/19/anonymous-megaupload_n_1217418.html A cyberwar may be starting
  14. Bruce weighing in on the state of our country, as usual, he does it so well, anger, sarcasm. Song has a 80's sound to it.
  15. BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN TO RELEASE NEW STUDIO ALBUM 'WRECKING BALL' ON MARCH 6; EUROPEAN DATES AND SXSW KEYNOTE SPEECH CONFIRMED Bruce Springsteen's new album 'Wrecking Ball' has been set for March 6 release on Columbia Records. Marking his 17th studio album, 'Wrecking Ball' features 11 new Springsteen songs and was produced by Ron Aniello with Bruce Springsteen and executive producer Jon Landau. A special edition of 'Wrecking Ball' will also be available and include two bonus tracks and exclusive artwork and photography. 'Wrecking Ball' Song Titles: We Take Care of Our Own Easy Money Sh
  16. Spicy, that John Stewart clip is hysterical! I made a post over a month ago with the link to sign petitions to stop SOPA/PIPA and there was hardly any response. People need to wake up. For now a few politicians have changed their support for SOPA, thank goodness, but it's far from over. I've signed a few petitions and have called my Senators and Congressman (unfortunately my Congressman is a total tea party idiot). This is dangerous stuff that's just another step in trying to control the population and eliminating more of our rights, the few that are left. I don't use a smart phone, j
  17. Mine isn't up until March either so I'd like it clarified what that statement means.
  18. I remember the black and white images in the video from when I was a very young girl. Today they don't bother with water cannons, they just mace the hell out of you.
  19. I remeber the black and white scenes in the video from when I was a very young girl. Today they don't bother with water cannons, they just mace the hell out of you.
  20. Al Queda is a real threat there. There's been kidnappings and killings in recent months. Video: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/africaandindianocean/mali/9018961/Bono-performs-in-Timbukto.html
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