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  1. One thing that did stink was moving Boots members back 2 hours from the original 3:00/4:00 start on the 2nd day to 5:00/6:00. Who made that lovely decision? For anyone's information, I did get tickets, not that it matters to anyone but myself.
  2. It's hysterical how so many people judge what a 'hardcore fan' is by how much they shell out for a band, when someone decided to pay for asubscription to a bands site, or how many shows they've been too, etc. Who the hell are any of you to determine what a fan is? Everyone here needs to getover themselves and their self-righteous/self entitlement attitude.
  3. They shouldn't touch them. They are what they are and they're fine. The songs are who they were at that time, don't start messing with them.
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