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  1. its incredible realy the number of different songs ppl would love to hear its wierd I atomaticaly pressumed every 1s favourite would be bad i spose thats because it just has such a significance for me its obvious that everyone has thier own loves and desires for what they want the band to play so here im gonna suggest what my ultimate set list for thissummers tour would be : 1; no line on the hor 2; mqgnificent 3; one 4; tomorow 5; drowning man 6 ; new years day 7 ;stand up comedy 8 ; unknown caller 9; running to stand still 10; Exit 11; bad 12 ; New york interval 13; city o
  2. well to answer my own question lol lets do a little experiment lets all start a campaign and see if we can get everyones favourite song in to the set for the360 tour. Now problem is not everyone will agree on the favourite song so here is a suggestion lets all agree to disagree for the moment and just call out for U2 to playBad on the tour it may not be your favourite song (it is mine ) but im sure there is not a single fan who would disagree that live Bad is right up there asfar as all time concert high points. Live Aid and the rattle and hum film are great examples but for me the transiti
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