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  1. sector 122 or 104. 1st category tickets 2 seats side by side for each sector. i bought them by myself at ticketmaster. e-tickets, ready to send by e-mail. you can pay with paypal (180 days buyer protection). i am also on the saturday concert. face value is 190 euro per ticket, i sell them for 170 euro each ticket. just pm if interested.
  2. if nobody is interested, tickets go tomorrow in Last minute Sale...
  3. Tribune Monte Mario 2BS, Sunday July 9th. if you pay immediately through PayPal, i can send out the tickets today. for both tickets 220 euro. normaly ii's the Price for one ticket!!!
  4. i reduce the price of 170 euro each ticket (face value 207 euro)
  5. E-Tickets. My Name is on the tickets, i bought them by myself. 4 tickets in a row. my gf dont wanna go to london :/ 187 pounds per ticket (face value).
  6. hi, i have 4 tix sector 2bs, monte mario for 200 euro each. original price.
  7. cause i changed my plans and go now to amsterdam instead of rome, i have 4 Tickets left for sunday july 16. i Sell them for original Price 207 Euro each. you can pay via paypal, so you have 180 days buyer protection. hardcover tickets in hand, ready to send out.
  8. by the way. why you buy tickets for shows you cant go?
  9. in barcelona they always say you only come in with id. but i was in 2015 there, and they didnt check anything. i ordered also 2 tix for this year... they wrote an extra e-mail with the info you dont get in when the name on the ticket didnt match with the person who goes in. so if they really do it this year, thousands of people dont get in... just look how many barcelona tickets are re-selling on the known platforms.
  10. the tickets for barcelona are personalized. they wrote they will make id control at the entry... but i think they dont do. they also said it in 2015 and didnt made any control.
  11. i also have a standing area. but i payed more then original price and i dont sell it under this price.
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