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  1. Hi guys,


    I totally agree with Leonie. Poor old Baja has copped it from everyone anyway she was probably just fed up with everyone emailing her.


    Thing is we are all (obviously) MANIC fans, PANICKED about things. I am in the cedar group and haven't had any presale email info or anything but my question is this, do I need a presale email? Can I just click in on Monday at 1pm (when Cedar presale starts) enter my code and hope to hell there are some GA tickets still left? Is that all we need to do?


    Please I don't need any rolling eyes or anything at this point. I just would really like to know from anyone else who has purchased tix already what the procedure is?


    Please can someone help me out?


    THANKS so much and everyone, have a great weekend!



    not sure if youve been answered, but no, you dont need the email, click the link whilst youre allready logged in on ticketmaster/ticketek , dont use your cose more than once, you may not be able tix GA and seating so if you cant dont try,

    hope all goes well for you ,



  2. I ve been a member ages and had 2 codes. 4 of us wanted Red zone, 4 wanted seating. 8 in total and 4 per code. ticketmaster wouldnt allow this as different seating types cant be mixed on a transaction, and they only allowed 2 red per transaction. that meant i could either only buy 4 red zone, or 2 red and 4 seats, or 8 seats. what do you do? all of this became apparent an hour before the release, there was a note on the presale board that it was trying to get sorted.

    pretty disheartened to think now that the conflict between rules and poor management might take tickets off me.


    heres hoping

  3. I'm beginning to think its all under control, the links on the tour page to ticketmaster AUS dont work anymore which suggests to me that either their page is being updated or a new page is where its all going to be at. i must say i'm a bit anxious because im taking my very short wife who doesnt want to have her view blocked in GA, so im needing to buy seats in a good area and no seating plans for Subi yet.

    oh well , assuming i get tix i'll just be grateful to be there, and i'll be happy as .....

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