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  1. when i turn 40, i'd play "40" at exactly 12:01 AM on my birthday.
  2. uber cool. didn't know there is a tablet there. certainly gonna make the same trip in the future.
  3. funny i never had problems buying tix for two shows and i belong to the BOOTS group.
  4. i'm 99% sure it will. that's why it's called U2 360. What's the point if it won't, they're selling tix for the whole stadium.
  5. i recall having read this in an article this month. if yes, that'll rule.
  6. i don't like that Will.i.am character. I recall that Grammy awards show a couple of years back, whilst U2 was walking towards the stage to receive theaward, it briefly showed Will.i.am looking disgusted. no to Black eyed peas!
  7. up to now i still don't have access to my @U2.com email. what gives?
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