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  1. i'm verified, didn't receive email or text message looks like a shambles to me, emailed customer support not hopeful of a reply to mt satisfaction.
  2. This is easy for me The Unforgettable Fire SOI (feels like a brand new Boy Album but better, or to put it another way, maybe its Boy's older brother) Boy, my first U2 album and introduction to the Boys so many moons ago.
  3. They will have to sort out the shambles of some not receiving theirs yet and some like me with missing discs, not happy, another email sent but will most probably not even get any response like the first one i sent
  4. Zoo still being advertised as included in the bundle, must have some left or they would have a legal responsibility to remove it or at the very least say it has sold out. I rest my case. Laughable really when you think about it. irresponsible, its like the ticket fiasco all over again.
  5. it is illegal to accept money for a product you don't have for sale, if you paid for the bundle you get the bundle or you should, money would have to be refunded.
  6. The silence from this site is deafening, if i waited 3 days to answer a service failure i would be out a job, just to clarify no email received re delivery of my bundle, package arrived burst open at the top U22 enclosed (great) U2zoo not inside (sad) from the ground up not enclosed (assume it is coming later) but who knows it may have been inside but judging by the fact no one has it i think i am right. I only took out the bundle for zoo, well pissed off. You have 2 days to respond to my first email before i request all money back from my credit card provider. Strangers on eBay give better service. you lot are supposed to represent U2, sad times ahead.
  7. I am in the uk and got mine U22 all be it with zoo missing and i assume the book to follow
  8. I received a package today full of excitement, unfortunately it was split along the top the u22 was in there perfect but no U2Zoo discs, don't know if it is to come later with from the ground up, have sent an email so will have to wait and see. fingers crossed it will arrive at some point. preferably before Christmas as it all i want.
  9. Now that U2 have the 360 tour out the way satisfied the masses for the last 20 odd year, give us something like this. the next live tour, give the hard core, your bread and butter fans something to drool over, small intimate venues play the barrowlands (Glasgow.) play what ever comes to mind not structured like the last few tours, give us a 3 hour set filled with boy, october, war & TUF tunes, i aint getting any younger and ache to feel the likes of Tomorrow, stories for boys, electric co, shadows and tall trees,wire ringing in my ears again. Offer the die hards a trip down memory lane tour. the next album should just be the 4 of you playing in a room, bashing it out like the old days, get back to breaking bottles what ever is lying around to create a pure and rough sounding piece of magic.
  10. Well its seems i am not alone with the problems of live nation, i have my copy by the way, having sent 4 emails and 3 telephone calls to the states im in the uk by the way and be spoken too like an idiot, took them 3 months to request money, what kind of set up is this who at U2 are interested in fans problems or doesn't anyone care. live nation are a disgrace......
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