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  1. Its today...if you happen to be down the cape or in Bourne...find the beach house!!!!
  2. Hi All, The U2 concerts in Boston have now happened!!!! Time to figure out when/where Bono and The Edge will be playing in Bourne! Anyone have the scoop on this? Sitting on the beach listening to a private U2 concert...come on! and FREE!
  3. Here are pics of the email. I am not great at screen shots so I used the snipping tool.
  4. I was shut out for tickets to the Boston Show. Wasted a ridiculous amount of time refreshing the Ticketmaster page hoping new tickets would appear and spent money on the membership that was not even expired to get the code! I wake up this morning to find an email from Stub Hub offering me tickets to U2!!!!! I don't follow Stub Hub, I've never received emails from them in the past, I've never bought tickets from them! How did they get my email address...and if this horrendous presale was supposed to eliminate the scalper....how are they offering me tickets? Did anyone else receive an email from Stub Hub? Did this site sell my information to them? I've been a fan since 1984 and have been to more concerts than I can count but I am so frustrated by this whole presale! This is so not how U2 usually acts!
  5. This is not fun! this was supposed to prevent scalpers...well then who is getting all the tickets???? I am sure GA will be all over the scalper sites. I can't any good seats and I've been trying since 1:00 for Boston!
  6. http://www.gillettestadium.com/U2
  7. I called the MBTA and they said Gillette has to order the train. I called Gillette and they said the MBTA makes the decision. I've tweeted to a couple of news organizations to see if they can get to the bottom of this. They had a train for the Springsteen concert.
  8. When I went to the 360 show in 2009 it was a Sunday. Driving there wasn't too bad (came from NH) coming home was not pleasant. I am thinking of sleeping in the parking lot until the traffic subsides.
  9. My friend who I am going with said there is a train from Boston to Mansfield which is the next town over. I guess you could uber to the stadium. The problem with that is getting home that night. You would have to uber back to Mansfield and the traffic is HORRIFIC. I get the stadium shows but Gillette is not the best as far as getting out after the show. I am dreading it. I would definitely try to find some busses that are heading down. My friend is going to head down the night before by train to Mansfield and I am going to drive down the day of the show. I sadly have to go to a bridal shower at noon so I am going to have zoom zoom zoom down there.
  10. Hi all, Been to MANY U2 concerts all the way back to 1987 but this will be my first GA experience. Any suggestions on how this will work, will they let us line up early, how to get a good spot, and lastly, WHY are they not running the train from Boston? I appreciate any information! So excited for this concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I was hoping the train would run. You can take a train to Mansfield and Uber to the show. The worst part of Foxboro is getting out of there. 3 /12 hours after the 360 show. Didn't get home to NH until 4:00am.
  12. I too have hard tickets to the show for GA. I was happy about this given that I lost the debit card I used to purchase the tickets way back when. Any idea about what time Gillette will let us line up?
  13. Went to Somerville Theatre but couldn't get into the show....Instead waited in back and got these great shots of the band....They were all so nice!!!!!!!!!!!
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