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  1. You have contact info for them you can share with me? The number for Live Nation in my order confirmation is not answered.
  2. I never received the album pre sale code. Contacted Live Nation about this a while ago, and they answered: Hello, Pre sale codes are not from us, they will be emailed to customers a few days before tickets go on sale in a specific area. Thank you for choosing Live Nation Merchandise. If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to contact us. Sincerely, I read other people did get their code from Live Nation. Never received anything. Not even the CD (yes, my order came through). Sucks.
  3. Will they mail the code separately, or is it the one listed under 'Promo code' in the 'Invoice for Order#' mail?
  4. http://www.nytimes.com/2015/12/06/arts/music/u2-preaching-defiance-heads-back-to-paris.html?_r=0
  5. Tix available now (bock P 1st row). edit (9.37): GA also available
  6. Saw Springsteen a while back at MSG, and picked up my (international will call) tickets at around 1.
  7. Information is contradictory. From the U2.com/help page: Q - As there are North and South sections of GA, can we move around the floor between them? (I have friends that are “South” but my tickets are “North.”) A - For safety and logistics reasons, the two sides of the floor will be assigned a fixed number of wristbands to match the legally allowed capacity of each side of the floor. These will be put on at the wrist banding tables in the entry area. The wristbands will allow restricted access only to the labeled North Side or South Side of the particular wristband. If friends have purchased GA tickets separately, they need to enter the venue together in order to guarantee they will be on the same side. This suggest you can get wristbands to the same section if you show up together (but not change sides once you are in). But @atu2 tweeted: just spoke to Craig Evans who confirmed that fans can cross north to south after you get to floor. you're not stuck on one side. #U2ieTour
  8. I guess we will simply try. But al least I now know not to be afraid.
  9. In case anyone is interested: Here is the reply I just received from ticketmaster: thank you for your e-mail. Unfortunately it wouldn't be possible to see the show together with your friends. The stage goes straight across hall and it will be seperate areas. But don't be afraid, the concert will still be great and it will be a great experience. With kind regards, Ticketmaster Customer Care Team
  10. I have the same for Cologne. 2 GA left and 2 GA right. Seating chart on ticketmaster shows 2 physically separated area's.
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