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    Actung Baby
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    The Sweetest Thing
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    Vertigo, Seattle
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    :'( too long! Vancouver, 2009
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    Vancouver, 2009
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    haha, like I can choose
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    Kings of Leon, Heart, Led Zeppelin, Old Crow Medicine Show, LARRY NORMAN

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  1. I'm so thankful that I get to go to the show!!!!

  2. must. get. tickets.

  3. I'm new to the forum, but have been a subscriber since I was 18, and a u2 fan since I was 12. U2's lyrics and music have helped me stay alive and optimistic at various points in my life. I got my dad (and many others) into their music. It's a given in any conversation or gathering that U2 is a safe, happy topic, sure to incite passion in dear old Monica (me). In recent years I've actually tried to disconnect from the band. I felt like a chump. Why? Their music hadn't changed, only gotten better. Their political and charitable activity hadn't changed, only more precise. So why was I fe
  4. 10/28/09 The last show of the band's N. America tour (before extending it) WHAT AN AWESOME NIGHT!!!! Live at the Rose Bowl is good, but I wish I could get this concert on DVD---ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!!!! I was 7 months pregnant here and when U2 did "Still Haven't Found what I'm looking for"/"Stand by me" I could feel the baby kicking away!
  5. Me and my beautiful daughter Cadence Rose O'Herliehy
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