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  1. Thought you might be breaking into Ghostbusters
  2. I agree completely. I am rarely on this site unless a tour is upcoming or in full swing. I EXPECT to have a legitimate shot at early access tickets with my subscription. But the times are a changing. U2 tickets are now under an umbrella where the staff and Mods here have little to no influence. They will apologize for technical errors this time around and promise to fix it going forward and likely everyone will get a code next time around. But will the codes actually be effective for getting tickets remains to be seen.
  3. Also, even with this new knowledge, I frankly doubt we will see a dramatic decline in subscriptions. For diehard fans, the gamble of $40 for a lottery chance at presale tickets is still kind of hard to pass up. How many more chances will we get to see these guys anyway?
  4. Again there is confusion over Verified Fan and Verified Subscriber. As I understand these are two different things. While the chance of fraudulent buyers is still possible with Verified Subscribers, it is clearly less likely especially with the Experience Group and that algorithm should either not be applied or adjusted to reflect this. I fear this will not get any better. There is no incentive for anyone to "fix" this in the favor of U2.com subscribers regardless of how long we have been members. U2 can clearly sell out shows on their own and Live Nation has other competing interests that are more lucrative than fan clubs.
  5. Did some dress rehearsals making sure to have credit card info and log in info good to go for App. Copied presale code for easy pasting and was sure to be close to my WiFi router. In and out for 1 RedZone ticket to LA (Inglewood). 3 min total on App.
  6. Got my two GA's for Houston and one for Dallas (going solo) on Wednesday. So excited. Anyone think either city might get an additional date?
  7. Is there anything better than the moments before a new tour goes live?!?! AHHHH!
  8. Heading in from Houston and staying in SF. Doing both shows alone as I couldn't twist any friend's legs enough to splurge on tickets and travel. Any U2 meetup events going on? Anyone want to hit up Smuggler's Cove?
  9. I snagged Homewood Suites by Hilton Chicago Downtown/Magnificent Mile.
  10. Flying in from Houston myself for 6/28 show. GA tix. I am also coming in from Houston! I will be doing GA for the 24th and 25th.
  11. Not completely understanding the credit card entry only (no transfers or resale), I bought two GAs for Wednesday night not even knowing if I can find someone here in TX to go with me up to Chicago. There may be a chance I can meet up with someone needing one at the event itself. Just be prepared to wait it out all day in line with me ;-)
  12. I'm sorry to hear this leg of the tour will not work out for you. However your situation is very specific and not a reasonable one to consider when coordinating all the logistics of a major tour. I hope you are able to find appropriate accommodations and/or they come closer to you next time through.
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