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  1. thannks!! I hate these ticket sales.. I get stressed and bitchy.. my husband knows to just leave the house.
  2. Jeez what did I do? I dont remember excately, but I believe I click under the Chicago date.. and then it says buy tickets.. then you go to ticketmaster and see what is available. But it show locked as you need to enter the experience code.. You can click on the stadium and see what tickets are left in what section and GA was Gone..
  3. I am still waiting for my email and pissed I left my "membership" lapse, have been for over 13 years... therefore in the innocence group.. I just checked ticketmaster for Chicago and if what I click is true GA is already gone..... Fuck that. Sorry but I find it crappy that this will be the first time is over 20 yrs i am not able to get GA tix.. At this point I am getting to old for this shit. I will try tomorrow and if no GA then I am done. Call me a snob, but it's either GA or nothing.
  4. I am bumping up for also more information.. Also are there bathroom facilities outside for those waiting?
  5. let me know if still available. friend looking for 2 for sunday
  6. I might have one GA for Chicago on the first night.. A friend needs to be at a wedding.. Asking other friend if he has a buddy.. if not have 1 extra to seel at face value...
  7. Hello! I Need to Exchange my Chicago Sat night 3 GA for the 2nd night!... Friend just HAS to get married now on the June 3rd, so perfect would be to trade with some one who also has 3 GA on the 4th...
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