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  1. Thanks for your input - did you actually read my point?
  2. Hi. That's the store, the subscription renewal only offered dollar for some reason. :-) Anyhoo, that boat has sailed, I will just have to pay up next time and stop being so tight!
  3. I am in the UK, why I am forced to pay in dollars baffles me, but the point is that at the time it was £30 for a new subscriber and $40 for an existing fan (£32 at the time). Trying to make this point to U2 support proved less than successful and cost my priority access. I would be more cross at having to pay $50 compared to the uk rate!
  4. I refused to pay more for a renewal as a loyal fan than a new subscriber would pay! The rest is just admin...
  5. I'm fed up with the poor support provided for fans. I have been a fan club member since the propaganda paper based days and now find myself in the Innocence priority group because I refused to pay $40 (a special rate reduced from $50!?) to renew - it was cheaper at the time to buy a new subscription. Trying to raise this through support, I suspect they will respond in a few days when the pre-sale ends!
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