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  1. How much were Manchester GA? I bought Red Zone because didn't dare go backwards to check the GA price once I had bagged 2 Red Zone in my basket. Red Zone were £292.50 each! That's more expensive than the VIP Packages on Ticketmaster that were £270 for the Gold level sat just behind Red Zone and come with a host of other benefits that Red Zone doesn't. So why am I paying more for Red Zone? Every tour it's the same, no details on pricing or packages in advance of the time they go on sale, so you are forced to make a split second decision.
  2. My phone battery suddenly died and is still dieing rapidly today, time to get new phone. So it meant I couldn't take any photos. Was anyone in the Saturday night Redzone and wouldn't mind sharing their pictures with me please?
  3. How is everyone getting tickets for London been showing as no tickets available since 10am

    1. davidp


      Very pissed off member of 18years, whole arena can't have sold out

  4. When is the presale code actually issued? Not had an email yet....been a subscriber for about 10 years.

    1. Bajagirl


      When we send the emails, i.e. not for a few hours


    2. davidp


      Actually longer than that 1996/7 I must have joined for Pop tour....18 years!

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