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  1. How much were Manchester GA? I bought Red Zone because didn't dare go backwards to check the GA price once I had bagged 2 Red Zone in my basket. Red Zone were £292.50 each! That's more expensive than the VIP Packages on Ticketmaster that were £270 for the Gold level sat just behind Red Zone and come with a host of other benefits that Red Zone doesn't. So why am I paying more for Red Zone? Every tour it's the same, no details on pricing or packages in advance of the time they go on sale, so you are forced to make a split second decision.
  2. My phone battery suddenly died and is still dieing rapidly today, time to get new phone. So it meant I couldn't take any photos. Was anyone in the Saturday night Redzone and wouldn't mind sharing their pictures with me please?
  3. might be possible, check out the terms and conditions where you bought the tickets The chances of actually talking to a human for Ticketmaster UK about Twickenham Red Zone are slim to none.
  4. I used all 4 of my pre-sale code to buy Red Zone tickets, which can't be sold on but new date is likely to be better for me to attend, can I swap tickets to new date?
  5. I bought 2 GA's and 2 RZ's. The GA's were paper ticket posted. The RZ's were box office only.
  6. Twickenham Marriott (which is part of the Stadium) the rooms are special event pricing for Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. Now that might jsut be that they do the nights before and after as standard, but could be because they have had heads up about extra show possibilities.
  7. I did get Red Zone tickets - it's box office collection only with ID, so can't resell them very easily to strangers. GA tickets are posted out though.
  8. This is what I saw. Note the padlock on red Hill needing pre-sale code, but Red Zone not locked, no code required, so presumably they've now sold out if option not available. I had similar problem for I&E tour and ended up buying Premium VIP Party tickets which were a huge rip off even though I only wanted GA or Red Zone.
  9. For Twickenham For Twickenham you had to choose Red Hill Group OR VIP Red
  10. Plus Twickenham didn't require (or ask for) the pre-sale code on the Web Portal (where I bought 2 x Red Zone tickets), so I bought the 2 x GA tickets on my phone which did require the code. I hope they don't cancel my Red Zone tickets.
  11. Well Red Zone tickets appeared as a sub option on standing rather than as a separate ticket type like for other venues. Managed to secure 2 Red Zone and 2 GA. Happy bunny.
  12. Working on it... patience... Can I get a clear "Yes Red Zone tickets will be available at 9am" or a "No, but wait and they'll appear later"
  13. yes, awaiting link update 20mins to go and that Red Zone still not listed for Twickenham. Do I buy GA tickets at 9am or wait for Ticketmaster to get around to releasing Red Zone at an unspecified date/time?
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