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  1. Hi, I 'm looking to swap 2 Sunday GA tickets for 2 GA Saturday 29th tickets. PM me plz. Thanks in advance!
  2. For people waiting to buy tickets this morning- it's important to keep calm once your code is accepted and you're into the TM site. Once you're in, theres is a little clock in the corner counting down how many minutes you have left on each page. But just relax and make sure your search criteria are correct. You have enough time to make a few attempts at finding the tickets you want. I was getting freaked out by that little clock yesterday. And after all the stress with the codes, was about to just buy the first (very expensive) tickets that came up. But I pulled myself together- d
  3. I think this was an old order number. The renewal was order number 6257758. Sorted!!! Rang the second number. Got a new code. Everything worked fine. 2 X GA for the 23rd. Thanks Big Wave & Max for the help.
  4. I think this was an old order number. The renewal was order number 6257758. SOLVED
  5. Martin Callanan Dundrum, Tipperary. Order: 5735677[/size] SOLVED
  6. same q - Ireland? date of subs Subscriber since 2009. Renewed november 2014. Irish (In Norway atm on VPN) havent used codes previously. Good Man BW. Busy days!!
  7. And we live by the side of the road On the side of a hill With no presale codes
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