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  1. I saw this on the BBC website this morning so thought I'd post it here for those who might not see it. The feature makes interesting reading, I hope you enjoy. http://www.bbc.co.uk/timelines/z3x87hv?intc_type=singletheme&intc_location=news&intc_campaign=iwonder&intc_linkname=guide_u2_contentcard23#z2csbk7
  2. Any idea what 'soon' might be? Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 17.26.17.png Thanks Mr Community Manager. Well played you.
  3. Agreed. Of course after the events in Paris the whole subject seems insignificant but it doesn't escape the fact that it was a completely unnecessary and silly idea - not sure who thought of it but it wasn't his / her finest hour! The main thing is that, hopefully, everyone who was heading to Paris made it back safely - regardless of whether I or anyone else thinks they should be there.
  4. I think you're referring to Amra and she may be a lovely girl but - and taking her out of this - I think anyone who has been on the e-stage once should step aside and let someone else go up. It's a once in a lifetime chance to get on stage with the band and I think those who have experienced the high should be more gracious and let others enjoy the spotlight too. I'm talking here about Meerkat dancers, often chosen simply because they look good and push themselves forward to 'be seen' with the band. We each make personal choices and I think it's a great way of sharing the love amongst other U2 fans to step aside and say 'it's your turn'. Maybe I'm being naive but it's how I feel and what I would do. I've no issues with musicians, like Mark Baker (U2BRTHR) and his band or other musicians - they clearly have a talent that rises above aesthetics. The fact that U2.com has created a competition out of this is crazy. As you say Amra might be a lovely person and I can see she's travelled a lot to see the band but then so have others, or some haven't got that luxury and would have loved the opportunity she has had (twice, or 3 times I think) just to be up on stage the one time in their own city.
  5. It seems the U2 clique has spoken and delivered. Really, was there any need for a vote considering some of the winners.. As I've said, I don't mind the bands - they all seem to have talent - but I do object to those who simply want the kudos of looking good whilst holding a Meerkat cam!!!!
  6. Like many of us - you were just younger back in day by the sounds of it! A lot of faffle in there, with apologies. Who has asked U2 'personally' what their next music will be - nobody at this stage has any idea whatsoever. I'm going to use that word today!
  7. BW it's easy and slightly disappointing to see you post only the tweets that you 'like' and 'retweet' - i.e. the ones that agree with this ridiculous poll idea. I have an opinion and like you can post things I agree with / disagree with, no? You have a different opinion, & you have a platform here to share them. Please respect other people's to do the same. I'm not going to fall out with you BW because I happen to think you're a good an helpful guy: however I also think that as a Mod you'd be better served remaining impartial, so retweeting / posting only those you agree with is not particularly impartial and only stifles the argument of the dissenters. Although it could be said U2.com would rather spin the positive - self preservation and all that.
  8. Another possible scenario: Option 1: Start the whole thing earlier so everyone has a cut off date before the poll opens. Or don't do it at all. Option 2: If you can't give everyone who was on the e-stage a chance to enter then don't do it. Option 3: Just make sure you've voted before you abandon that ship! As has been said on here and social media, this is a popularity contest for the few - including some who have been up on the e-stage on multiple occasions already! Is that really fair? The musicians I've less of a problem with but the pretty faces who seem to hold sway over the e-stage clique is distasteful and contrived. People are using this as some kind of status symbol over other U2 fans - and the official message board is organising / condoning it.
  9. <script async src="//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js" charset="utf-8"></script> BW it's easy and slightly disappointing to see you post only the tweets that you 'like' and 'retweet' - i.e. the ones that agree with this ridiculous poll idea.
  10. some fans are easily found, they might post a lot, on social media etc, so easy to contact. Others may not be on so much, or names not even known. It appears the poll was up and running - meaning votes could be cast - before the list of name was even completed. Surely this will only give some an unfair advantage over others. Seems a little shabbily put together at short notice. I'm reading tweets from some who have not even been added to the poll yet!!! Perhaps the winner(s) has already been selected, who knows!
  11. What a sensible post from someone who's been on stage with the band. Please be assured that none of my comments were aimed at you - sadly thinking that once on stage with the band is enough of a privilege is a minority opinion in certain quarters. Again I think the band are blurring the lines themselves to a degree; if they want to be seen as 'punk rock' and invite the audience on stage then they must also have to accept that it will not always go right for them - to start picking and choosing those who you believe you will be comfortable with isn't as edgy as they like to claim they are. Sadly I believe your experience will be the minority with some fans seemingly greasing their way on to the stage before the show has even started. I've seen images on twitter of some taking pics of themselves with venue and band security as though they're best buddies as they flirt their way into their good books. I find it all a little distasteful myself but then I'm a miserable old sod tbh!
  12. I made a comment on twitter about this and noticed I was instantly blocked by someone and her friends for daring to suggest being on the stage more than once (in the space of weeks) was a little unfair on others wanting to get on there once. Perhaps I hit a nerve! Can't be sure but there does seem to be a bit of a clique with the e-stage and if you're not in it then you've very little chance of getting your opportunity. I hate this kind of behaviour, if indeed I am right. Although I can't blame the band for this, I think much is down to the individual concerned. Some have very little concept that others might be wanting a first time opportunity whilst they and their buddies are all pushing ahead!
  13. I'm also curious as to how they can put this together on the site and get people voting yet there's no news about the 2016 subscription package yet!
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