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  1. Were you able to attend a gig this tour? Sorry, I might be confusing you with someone else but I think I remember you saying that unfortunately you weren't able to see them this tour. I'm only bringing it up because I feel that could be affecting your opinion - Before I saw I+E in Glasgow I had been following the gigs through periscope and mixlr and there were a few songs that didn't really blow my mind (however overall I thought it was great). But it was a completely different experience seeing it live! For example, Raised by Wolves left me a bit cold but live I have to say it was incredible. Easily one of my favourite songs in the set. Especially with the new songs there was so much emotion that you could see particularly on Bono's face which definitely added to the song - something I didn't fully appreciate when I was viewing it on periscope. I also agree that where you sit or stand during the gigs will have a big impact on your overall experience, as mentioned earlier. This tour has a very strict structure but I don't really see how that is a bad thing. Personally I like the fact that the set list tells a story and there's structure and that they've clearly spent ages rehearsing it. I absolutely love the screen/cage - it's something new and fresh, I think it's great that U2 are trying out new things. And surely that's always been their thing, experimenting and doing something a bit unusual? It's not just about the music, there's always a bit extra. However I can understand that some people do prefer a more "traditional" structure for gigs, fair enough. It's all personal preferences but my opinion is that this tour has been fantastic and the stage layout allowed loads more people to be really close to the band, which I think was great.
  2. hannele


    Yes, in most (or all?) venues you've been allowed to do this.
  3. Just a heads up that last night in Glasgow they were doing ID checks for GA. However they mainly just checked that the name in your credit card and the ID match but it was a super quick process (as in if someone had for example had a family member's cards they probably would have passed without problems, they didn't seem to check that your photo actually matches your face). But Christyblue I'm sure your son will be fine since your husband is taking them in.
  4. Trust me, I tried! Thankfully I'm lucky enough to be going to two of the Dublin gigs as well, on my own, so I can do the queuing craziness and hopefully front row again!
  5. I was there last night and it was such an amazing night! I'll probably write a better review later but all I want to say now is that it really was incredible. Got a brilliant spot on the front rail of main stage (totally made the 6am start worth it, ha!). The crowd was so good and the band seemed to have such a good time as well. One thing I did notice that I really liked was that (at least from my point of view, but it was limited) the GA crowd was very good in terms of keeping their phones in their pockets, at least when compared to some other gigs. I think makes such a difference when people are actually focusing on the moment and not filming every second. Going again tonight but will be taking my hubby who's not keen on waiting (especially when it's raining) so we'll just turn up about an hour before the doors open to get a spot somewhere further back. Would have loved to try to get to front row again but on the other hand I'm quite looking forward to seeing the gig from a different angle and getting a good view of the screen as well.
  6. Guys, keep trying! I didn't get anything in the morning and was so upset but I've just kept checking every 10 mins or so even though it kept saying 'sold out' and have just bagged a GA for Dublin 1! So there are still GA there, not many but there's still a chance.
  7. I would like to double check something about the following statement: "Tickets for the Irish shows -- will be limited to 2 per purchaser." Does that mean two tickets per gig, per venue or overall Irish gigs? I've used my pre-sale code so the chances of me getting more than two tickets (or I suppose, getting any tickets) in the general sale are very slim but just in case a miracle might happen, could I for example try to get tickets for both of the Belfast gigs and then one of the Dublin ones, making it three in total?
  8. Got a GA ticket for my husband for the second Glasgow night, just what I wanted. Again no issues whatsoever and was done by 9.01. Can't believe my luck.
  9. Oh wow, after seeing that photo of Hydro I'm even more excited now! I didn't realise it was that small! Oh man, it's going to be amazing.
  10. It's worth double checking the European venues for the use of paperless tickets - I got GA tickets for Glasgow and they are paperless. Not sure about other venues though.
  11. Asterix - Originally I was worried whether the code was linked with the number of tickets or the transaction(s), because last time I used TM (was a while ago though, mind) you couldn't put separate gigs into your basket and pay for everything together, but I noticed that a few eXPERIENCE people had booked the two nights on two separate transactions. So that's what I did; entered TM through the u2.com/tour page, chose the first night, put in my selection + code and went through the paying process. Then I started again, through the tour page to TM, chose second night, put in the code etc. So I think booking two nights on one go was impossible but you could do it separately. That's a shame though that it didn't work for you. Hopefully you'll find someone who could swap with you or could get GA for the other night on Monday. I think I read that Glasgow is one of the few locations that still has GA left for the public sale.
  12. No, I had innocence. But in the rush I first put it in the experience box which of course didn't work. (I thought you might have done the same mistake by accident.) After realising my mistake it all went well, I bought the two tickets separately and both times it went perfectly smoothly. Also, I entered ticketmaster through the u2.com/tour page rather than going directly - not sure if that would make a difference.
  13. Same experience for me - got GA for both Glasgow nights, no issues whatsoever and had both tickets sorted by 10.06. Brilliant. Feeling very lucky considering what a hard time some people had yesterday!
  14. Managed to get GA tickets for both Glasgow nights! Over the moon! Can't believe how smoothly the whole process went, had first ticket at 10.03 and second at 10.06. I was a bit torn whether to get two tickets for one show so I can take my husband or go to two on my own but after considering it about 10 seconds decided to ditch my hubby, ha. Will try to get him a ticket on Monday though.
  15. Hmm, that's weird. :/ And did you definitely put it on the iNNOCENCE section? I was so excited at first that accidentally put my code into the eXPERIENCE slot first!
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