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  1. A Man and A Woman A Sort of Homecoming When Love Comes to Town Stand Up Comedy Silver and Gold Gloria
  2. Hi I have 1 GA ticket for the second Antwerp show (14/10). I'd like to trade it for 1 GA ticket for the first Antwerp show (13/10). Anyone interested? I'll be at the show both nights. Thanks!
  3. Let's hope they read your message. In case they do, you'd better let them know which of the 4 shows you will attend in Amsterdam. Good luck
  4. Hello I have 4 GA tickets for Saturday 12th and I want to trade 2 of them for 2 GA tickets for Sunday 13th. Anyone interested? Thx
  5. Unfortunately I think you're right... No official answer to my question... These are idle threats. I should have ordered tickets for Amsterdam. I hope I will be able to catch GA tickets at the public sales (I can't afford the seated ones).
  6. Hello Bigwave Can you confirm U2.com will actively seek presale codes cheaters? I know at least 4 people who did buy 2 tickets for Antwerp and 2 for Amsterdam (or 2 for Paris) with the same code. I ordered 2 tickets for Antwerp with my presales code but did not use it for Amsterdam, even if it was working. I did not manage to get tickets for Amsterdam during the public sale (I could not even access before it was sold out). I will try again on Monday... I hope honest fans will not be the only ones with two pre-sales tickets while others have 4 or more (event if some pretend they have supposedly good reasons like not having read their email ...) Thanks for your answer
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