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  1. So I tried again this morning for pitch 2 again no luck. Completely sold out by the time I reached the top of the q. Just searched seatwave and there is 56 pitch 2 tickets available starting at €420. When is ticketmasters monopoly going to end?
  2. I just went for the pitch 1 tickets at the end and happy I got them. But after the mix up on Ticketmaster first I was in a rush and nearly bought the seated tickets. I have never been so happy that the site kicked me out before I could complete the purchase.
  3. Don't want to worry you lads but you might want to double check what tickets you got. I was on first thing this morning. Firstly on ticketmaster that timed down to tickets not available and quickly went through the u2.com link. pitch 2 were not available to me , but since the last time I was on it looks like they have updated the site and automatically suggest other tickets available. They said there was no none available and I was offered really bad seats in low 317 for the same price. it really looked that I had a chance to get pitch 2 tickets. Why they didn't offer pitch 1 amazes me but they need to change some coding somewhere. The only reason I didn't buy them was I was kicked off ticketmaster and had to start again. I hope I am not the bearer of bad news.
  4. Just had a look at my account info and it also says I have been a member since 2009 even though it has been longer. If you look at the invoice when you subscribed a number is after U2.com this goes up each year you re subscribe. Here is what was on my last invoice: ------------------------------------------------------- Code Description Qty Shipped Qty Ordered ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- U2CFF013 U2.com8 Subscription Package- 2012/2013 1 1
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