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  1. Subject says it all. Need ONE ticket to SJ on the 18th. Prefer not to spend more than $100, so GA or upper level. THANKS! Please PM me! Can also offer a ride from SF leaving around 2:00 or 3:00 Monday.
  2. Pedro, I replied to your email. Let me know if you still want the ticket! I think my friend wants to do an even trade after all.
  3. Hi Zooropans! I have two GA tickets for the SJ show on the 19th of May. I need two GA tickets for the 18th of May! My oldest friend is flying over from the east coast and we accidentally bought tickets for the same night. She's really mad! I purchased the tickets through the presale and they are electronic, which means it's really easy to transfer them from one TM account to another. I've had good luck doing this in the past, but granted you do need an element of trust. I live in the east bay but work in the city and am available to meet beforehand if that makes the trade more legit and trustworthy. Help me redeem myself to my dear friend! Many thanks in advance. Clare mod edit : email removed, please use the PM feature
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