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  1. I went to university for a really long time. So I won't date a high school dropout. Sorry.
  2. I just go to wikipedia: "Irony (from the Ancient Greek εἰÏωνεία eirÅneía, meaning dissimulation or feigned ignorance)[1] is a rhetorical device, literary technique, or situation in which there is a sharp incongruity or discordance that goes beyond the simple and evident intention of words or actions. Ironic statements (verbal irony) typically imply a meaning in opposition to their literal meaning. A situation is often said to be ironic (situational irony) if the actions taken have an effect exactly opposite from what was intended. The discordance of verbal irony is created as a mea
  3. I love Pierre Bouvier. He's a cutie & he's got wicked hair. I wanted to see Simple Plan but you can't get the tix from Ticketmaster. You have to win them from a radio station or something.
  4. Ireland isn't part of the United Kingdom, but it is part of the European Union (EU). But then again, the UK is also part of the EU. All of this happened in 1973. But I'm not from there. I'm no expert either. The political boundaries and affiliations in that "region" are so confusing.
  5. Being real & genuine. Not bleaching your hair. No phoney accents. No pretending to be something you're not. No plastic surgery or botox.
  6. I'm disillusioned. I didn't get a job I wanted & I can't move back home. Basically my life sucks. Oh yeah... I hate stuck up people & idiots.
  7. GONE I am nothing without him There's darkness in my soul Now how can I continue He was what made he whole Time doesn't heal all wounds Sometimes it makes them worse I'm drowning in anguish Afflicted with this curse Working through this heartache Trying not to let it show There is no one like him Wherever I seem to go Friends think I'm pathetic 'Cos I haven't moved on I am lost without without him My one true love is gone
  8. That was interesting. It must've required a lot of thought.
  9. The Muse message board has a LOT of traffic. At any given moment they usually have 400+ members posting or lurking. I tried to get on it today and I got a message that it was busy and to try interacting using Twitter instead. I wish muse.mu would get a better server. I don't like using Twitter cuz I find it silly. You only get 140 characters. It's never enough to express what I wanna say. Half the people I tweet @ never reply back cuz I'm not a celebrity or whatever. I hate that. It makes you feel like s***.
  10. Best looking guy in U2 as far as I'm concerned. I have a weakness for blond men. I made a Larry slide show at livejournal 6 years ago at Xmas. I called it the Little Drummer Boy. hee hee
  11. I was in Wal-Mart yesterday. I saw Brandon Flowers' solo album, but I didn't buy it for a number of reasons. 1. The Killers had only one good album, which was Hot Fuss. Sam's Town, Sawdust, and Day & Age were all complete crap. To this day, the only Killers album I still listen to is the first one. After they recorded it, they seemed to have lost the plot. 2. Brandon Flowers has an ego the size of Australia. He seems to think his band is a lot bigger and better than it actually is. In many of the Killers videos, he looks like he doesn't even want to be there. His voice is rather w
  12. I try not to make any plans or suggestions. My plans usually end up changing. No one ever uses my suggestions either-- at home or at work.
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