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  1. Don't get it. Set list should be 24 songs at least. Why have they stopped playing Landlady and why are they still playing Pride and New Year's Day ? Why not play a few songs of Rattle and Hum for the 30th anniversary instead like All I Want Is You and Hawkmoon 269 ?
  2. Why did they drop Wild Horses after only 1 night. One of the best live songs. I think they need to bring back The Fly and Mysterious Ways and Streets also. They can drop a lot of the new stuff in my opinion. I Wil Follow and Pride and SBS need to go also.
  3. Why does U2 keep playing the same 24 song boring set list every night ? The play the exact same songs every show in every city ? Why don't they play different songs ?
  4. I must say I was expecting a more Joshua Tree Tour themed concert than what has been presented so far. I agree the above setlist would work better with those Rattle and Hum songs. Would give it a more desert theme. Pride and Sunday Bloody Sunday sound tired and overplayed. Miss Sarejevo just ruins it for me.
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