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  1. Wow! Very beautiful room. And fitting for U2.
  2. Would absolutely love to hear Love is Blindness, and my U2 dreams would be complete. Well, almost!
  3. I would also love to have had more of this kind of thing. So evocative and Bono's vocals are extraordinary. Thanks, Spicey! Love your idea for a film or Cirque show based on U2's music. Excellent!!
  4. Bono and Elvis.....Can't Help Falling in Love.
  5. Interesting.....never really thought of how they've invested (or not) their time in this regard - except I that I have always hoped/longed to hear deep tracks rather than, say, Pride for the millionth time (although a great song, of course). As far as "In a Lifetime", I think it's one of the most beautiful songs and vocals performances I've ever heard. Bono is beyond magnificent on that song.
  6. [quote name='MacFoley wrote: liljbau']I LOVE No Line.........I think it majorly kix the ass of All that You Cant Leave Behind......I just think the critics and music industry made too much over it....which , in my opinion means "overrated" our boys , in my opinion , did NOT reinvent themselves the way they did for Achtung Baby....i dont think it was incredibly cutting edge or anything like that I just think its a majorly kick ass album .....my favorite of their last 3, definitely in my top 5 faves I find your points interesting. I remember reading the reviews for the album and enjoyi
  7. I think No Line was a definite departure, Liljbau......but then again, Dismantle was quite a departure from ATYCLB. Did the critics or industry people "hype" No Line any more than any other U2 album that gets released? - for instance, Dismantle - had a lot of commercial hype happening around it with the ipod ad and the huge Vertigo hit........ I guess my question is: Had they gotten the commercial success with Boots (or any other song on No Line) that they had hoped, would you feel the industry "hype" was justified?
  8. Awww, no love for Feist, Mac? Granted, My Moon, My Man is probably not her best song....but what about this little gem?
  9. Interview with Eve. http://www.vanityfair.com...eo/2012/10/1926827588001 At the end of the clip, look for the other video interview that scrolls beneath.
  10. [quote name='electricco wrote: joshthetree']BBC UK 'Pointless' quiz show tonight guess the artist of the album 'Zooropa' the answer was given as Europa Nooooooooooooooooo !!!!!!!! hahaha!! Priceless!
  11. It seems Larry is really feeling out a 2nd career in acting. I kind of thought that would be more Bono's domain with his natural gift for performance. Perhaps exploring other creative pursuits can only help their music .....but the time dedicated to it may push the album further. (Shooting in 4 vastly different countries?) I see no album on the horizon anytime soon. But best of luck to Larry in the film biz.
  12. Under a Blood Red Sky is up there, too ...not a studio album I realize, but a great cover nonetheless.
  13. Still haven't found really moves me when I hear it live. I'm always surprised because I get so emotional when they play it.... brings on the waterworks every time.
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