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  1. Where are GA folks parking right now?
  2. Any idea what time the band arrives. Have the been signing autographs at other stadiums?
  3. Out of towner here. What will be the GA process at Soldier Field? How early can folks line up? I recall in being fairly easy and ZERO chaos for the 360 tour when I visited.
  4. What time are GA folks arriving to line up for the Show? I attended the I+E Show at the United Center and the Unofficial GA Line was VERY WELL organized. I hope that it's similar at Soldier Field. Looking forward to meeting some great folks! ACHTUNG BABIES!!!!
  5. What time have U2 been arriving at the venues and have they been signing autographs?
  6. Anyone Recall where U2 stayed in Houston for the 360 Tour?
  7. What time will folks be lining up for GA? I recall for 360 getting in line around 10am the day of and still was able to get a decent spot inside the inner circle. And at United Center for I&E there was an unofficial sign up sheet for a spot in line. Y'all think that will occur for this tour too. Thanks!
  8. They are opening in Vancouver. Whatever the reason, the stage is under construction in Houston. There are photos floating around of the stage at NRG stadium
  9. Anyone know if the band is rehearsing in Houston? The Stage is being constructed at NRG stadium.
  10. Private message me...I'll take them
  11. Have extra tickets been released by the various venues during the days leading up to the show? We are looking at trying to get tickets to the Berlin show 9/24 THANKS!!!!
  12. looking for 2 tickets to the 9/24 Berlin show. Thanks!
  13. I was 254th in GA line for one of the Chicago dates. We were on Adam's side on the rail more/less in the middle of the Cat Walk (maybe more toward the main stage) Amazing view!!!
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