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  1. Amsterdam "ArenA" is actually a stadium. Not sure why they decided to name it an arena which most associate as an indoor venue, even though the stadium has a retractable roof.
  2. sleeping on a park bench for two nights at the moment. Tried to book room in the Temple Bar Hostel last week through Lastminute and received an email over weekend saying they couldnt secure the booking. AirBnB has also gone through the roof now for anywhere remotely central.
  3. Pitch 1. If any kind hearted soul has two spare Pitch 2 tickets and would be happy to do a swap it would be very much appreciated and of course a few pints of Guinness would be thrown in!!
  4. Keep a close eye on various forums and social media groups. Be active on them in looking for and sourcing tickets and you just might get some for face value as there are a lot of genuine fans out there that will help others. If I could help in this instance I would, but no spares. Mind you i've still nowhere to lay my head to sleep for two nights in Dublin!!
  5. Unfortunately, bands sold their soul to Ticketmaster many many years ago. How many of them were prepared to stand with Pearl Jam in the 90's and try to take them on? Its only got worse now, and if you are into bands that are generally a "hot" ticket, then the only way to try and get yourself a decent ticket these days is to be in the fan club and remain in it so that you are closer to the front of the queue. Or, sometimes you just have to decide to head to the more unfashionable gigs as well.
  6. The "lanyard" collector ticket with the barcode on it is all you need. That is all that gets scanned when you have these tickets.
  7. collector tickets are laminated "lanyards" with a barcode on them so they do get you access to the gig. So you can walk around with the lanyard hanging around your neck and other people will think you're VIP. Unless they know that you can pay a fiver to pretend to be a VIP. ;-)
  8. So you finally got them. Well done. "Patience is a virtue" ;-)
  9. Those allocated for today may already be goneBut I have this 'error' already one hour and I read here still GA tickets and bigwave sais they were not sold out.... I have just tried again selecting all four options for GA tickets and each time it said none available now and allocated seats. Earlier the same thing happened but I just kept trying the four options and then eventually it came up as available. Possibly they have sold the GA tickets that were given for today, but I wouldnt rush into buying seats if you want GA as more WILL be released for day 2 of the pre-sale (just make sure you are on as soon as opens). Wouldn't be surprised if they release more during today as well if you have time to keep trying.
  10. Correction its now allocated me GA Standing tickets when selecting J entrance. Finally went through no problem. Booked for The Dam!!
  11. Doesnt seem to be showing any Standing GA tickets for Amsterdam now. States none available for this section when selecting this option! :-(
  12. well it won't be this early that they arrive!! Its 9 months away man. Go stick the album on, kick back and have a beer or summit. ;-)
  13. tickets sorted nice and easily in the GA for the Saturday night. Third time I'll have travelled up to Glasgow to see the band in addition to the one in Edinburgh. Catching up to the number of times I've seen them in England!
  14. in the same boat - membership goes back to days of Propaganda. But, I have let it slip a few times when the band have been quiet as I've not felt the membership is worthwhile. Got no real problems with how they have done the split to be honest as still expect that I will get a ticket in the pre-sale tomorrow so why worry or bother myself about it?
  15. I would imagine they have factored in that they have to make sure tickets are available for all memberships at on sale point.
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