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  1. Eh, didn't lost it that much but, Jesus, I really had it. Unbelievable, and people actually still ask when will things be "normal". Try being a legal expert, lawyer here... laws exist only because everybody else have them, and are being used only when it's convenient. I really found what will I do in my life...
  2. Well, its because its not easy to catch on...A little to heavy for general public. The fact is that NLOTH is brilliant. Most of the people I heard (and I red similar posts here on this forum) didn't like it at first, now they all say its great. When I first heard it, I also didn't like it. It was like I bought a wrong album. It has to be played few times to get connected. Can you imagine a non-fan to buy an album that has to be "studied" before and then decided: I like it, like it not? I can't. ) Today is all in boobs, legs, cloths, and songs with "f***, "s***, left me, cheat me, kill me" words in. To listen that, you really don't have to have brains, so people usually leave it at home.
  3. There is no end for rock, it's eternal, and U2 will live forever. No need for panic. Guys told what they told...But, I must react on one statement. Helooo, people still buy albums and listen to music for the puuuuuuuuuure pleasure of music itself. Ok Mr. Adam? You are obviously closed in your world too long and got disconnected from reality. The only one standing on the ground is Larry. Hello, U2, just continue to "make relevant, great, music", don't philosophise too much.
  4. No UK next year...hi,hi,hi. You are selfish man. Didn't you had enough? You are not alone on this planet.
  5. Nothing. I just posted on another topic, and when I did that I thought: "That's it, its official. You are fanatic." LOL How could I dislike anything about them?
  6. ) Eh, that would be worth seeing. I guess they would manage just fine. But the best one, I think-The Edge. He looks like a big teady bear for kids. Dear.
  7. 15. 7. 1986. I was ten. It was the saddest day of my life. I was visiting my aunt...There I was, kid fooling around, but it all ended in sec. That was the day my father died. When I got home I found a full house, familly, friends, like 100 voices...I couldn't stand that crowd so I sneaked to my room, turned on a radio that I used to listen with my father (even today when I have a hard time I listen to music-it became my ritual) and there it was-Pride...it was like somebody turned off a switch, I didn't heard anything else, didn't think at all, it was like I was not there...It was just that song and me. After that I was humming all day that melody. I just liked it the moment I heard it. Later it just went on, and here I am today, posting here. At first they were my way of escape, later my way of expression.
  8. NO, big letters. LOL, come on! His voice is just great. The Edge is not Bono's backup vocal, they do it in some songs for a song, not because Bono can't do it alone. ) Really, some people will think of anything.
  9. No line..., Magnificent, Breathe, oh, and Unknown Caller
  10. My favorite radio - currently playing: Iggy Pop-The Passenger
  11. Mmmm, very hard. I guess that they get tons of such requests, but don't give up. Good luck!
  12. As we would say, it's 5 to 12. Time to do something, not just talk. Yeah, there is nothing worst than philosophy. Talk, talk, talk...I see that every day. It's easy to be smart and competent that way. But...hey, when its time to move, nobody's around. I don't know about you, but I am always left alone to deal with stuff, and I am always the one who will stand up and react on bad things. Still, nobody eliminates me 'cos of it. LOL, I guess, its because they think I am protected. Cowards. Anyway, people ARE selfish-most of them.
  13. Facebook...nah...its not a reall thing. Nothing is better then to really meet a person. Facebook, Twitter...they make people to "disconnect" from asociety, reall life. To be alone in a room on the net...That's boring, I can't imagine myself using it. It takes time and I don't really have it tospend it on this kind of things. And also...Hello! So many of my co-workers and bosses are using Facebook that I guess they would like to be my"friends" online too (nice way to see who I talk to, what I do and etc.). Eh, its a little paranoid but I am in that line of a business where everything counts - too much politics. I guess if I rejected some of themonline which I would because I don't mix business and private, it would be a big minus for me. Not that I would care that much but anyway, why would I leteverybody to put their noses in my private stuff. I post here, on some local forums when there is something big going on or some professional forums from timeto time and that's it. Just enough to make it fun, not an obsession. Technology is a great thing, but it makes people to alienate. The line is so thin.
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