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  1. +001 855 867 5297 Changed my code, 2 tickets GA sat night good luck everyone
  2. Kenneth Nolan Dublin Order No #6729197 Re-register sept 8th, prior to the show announcement and cut off time of 11pm. I email u2.com/help yesterday to verify my details as I was worried about such an issue but received a reply that my subscription was good and I was eligible and would receive a code. I received code on the tours page but it does not work on ticketmaster site. Thanks Ken ​I have added details to other thread, thanks edited: reg date was Sept 8th and NOT sept 9th
  3. Kenneth nolan Dublin Order #6729197 Rang +001 855 867 5297, received new code and was able to purchase tickets, all the best, thanks for your help, KEN
  4. Beginning to get very very frustrated. Same problem as above
  5. Im sitting in dublin with my irish based subscription and its not working
  6. getting this message "Please check your offer code/password and try again"
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