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  1. Might have to give the O2 a ring, as I have tickets in 411 (just off centre) - which I thought would give a great view of the band from behind the stage. Now looks like these seats will be restricted view, with the stage being at the opposite end of the arena.
  2. Looking at this page recently: http://www.axs.com/uk/events/256420/u2-tickets It seems that the main stage will now be at the usual end of the O2 in London. My initial perception, was the main stage would be at the other end, based on the previous seating plan/red zone locations: http://www.getmein.com/tickets/u2-innocence-experience-tour-2015-tickets/london-265993.html which is still on the Ticketmaster website. I've got some nose bleed seats for the Thursday in London, block 411. I thought that these (cheap seats) would give a really good view of the band from behind the stage - I'm a drummer, so watching Larry is a great thing for me. I had cheap seats on the 360 tour in Sheffield and they were fantastic. It now looks like the view from 411 will be poor at best - with the main stage being at the opposite end of the arena, with the screen blocking the view of, yes you guessed it, Larry! Interestingly, there is no mention of restricted view on my ticket confirmation or on the webpage when I booked, that I can recall. I'm guessing the setup shown on AXS is correct? A Anyone have any advice of the view from 411-type seats? Back few rows, opposite end of the arena from the stage, just off centre?
  3. Any specific info on the volume up in the high seats, back few rows - specifically, behind the stage would be appreciated. If anyone has sat directly behind the stage, what's the view like? Can you see the "e" stage or is it blocked out by the central screen?
  4. The O2 cheap seats, I know - that place is badly designed, way too steep on the upper tier. Should be a good view of the whole arena. As an ex-drummer, I'm looking forward to watching Larry from behind the stage. Just hope it's not ridiculously loud - being an ex-drummer!
  5. The speakers are suspended from the central oval rails above the large screen, pointing sideways outwards and then down to the floor, so I would expect the highest seats to have the quietest sound, as not many speakers are angled upwards. At the O2, I would expect this to be the case, as the highest seats really are high up - the top level of seats (400s) has an incredibly sleep incline - they don't recommend them for those with vertigo!!!!
  6. Well, that's exactly what I want to avoid! So, any specific info on the volume up in the high seats, back few rows - specifically, behind the stage would be appreciated.
  7. Ok, thanks for the information guys. Any specific info on the volume up in the high seats, back few rows - specifically, behind the stage? Was thinking about taking my son, but don't really want to if the volume is mega-stupidly LOUD! Even with earplugs.......
  8. I've got nosebleed seats for London in October and would like to know what the sound quality/volume is like up there and if ear plugs are required. I'll be sat directly behind the main stage at the very top - like blocks 416-417 at MSG. Can anyone provide any advice on the sound volume in the top rows of seats behind the main stage (aka the cheap seats, way up high!) and if ear plugs are necessary? Are there banks of speakers facing the seats directly? Edge made some comments weeks ago about how the sound set up didn't require high dB, but on the interference forum some posts are saying that this is one of loudest arena shows they've seen.
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