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  1. So basically, if I do not want to use my code for the US leg and am waiting on European dates, I do not have to do anything before Sunday? It would be nice to have some definitive statement on the website or even a note in the numerous emails I am receiving telling me that I must take action by Sunday in order to access to presales. All it would take is to add "US" before presales!
  2. Theres a Hot Press U2 covers exhibition in Temple Bar cant remember exactly where but a quick google should bring it up!
  3. still available Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 09.04.59.png Thanks bigwave, apols only replying now had to leg it once i got my tickets! only worked going through u2.com, once got on there had no issues at all!!
  4. I had the same problem was on Ticketmaster for 9:00 and it went straight to no tickets available. I then went to U2.com and clicked the Croke Park link from there and it brought me to the ticketmaster site and it worked fine, got my tickets!
  5. I got pitch 2 about 9:10, had been caught by ticketmaster not showing any tickets at 9:00, got them straight away after I moved to u2.com. At least the presale codes worked this time not like the problems we had for I+E!!
  6. Went to U2.com and clicked link from there, got my pitch 2 standing tickets - happy days!!
  7. Croke Park loaded with no tickets available GA at 9am - how?? Didn't even get as far as presale code
  8. I also found the guys on the other end of the phone very helpful, I also wasn't on hold for very long. When I went to Ticketmaster there did seem to be tickets available. Thanks to the mods here also.
  9. I just rang U2.com (thank you Joe OLeary hadn't thought of that!) and got a new code it worked and I got two tickets, there did seem to be availability (I just took what I was given, happy to be in the door). Hopefully everyone gets sorted. Good Luck!
  10. Saw a post early on about clearing cache, I've tried 3 browsers, cleared my cache, restarted my laptop, downloaded the ticketmaster app onto my phone and the code still doesn't work!
  11. Joe I got the email but my code is not working (I know it off by heart at this stage!!), very frustrating, especially when you see tickets up for resale already.
  12. Karen Lally, Based in Dublin, subscribed 22 April 2015, Order #6618314 Received email with presale code and it appears on my Tour page when logged in but it just won't work! Have added details to the other list. Thank you!
  13. Checked my account and see its active until 22 April 2016 so assume that I paid up on 22 April 2015 Have added my details to the list of those with non working codes but where do I find my order number?? Found my order number - Order #6618314 Thanks for all your help
  14. Hi Bigwave, Not sure if it was me you were referring to when you said not showing as a subscriber. I'm a paid subscriber since April, am Dublin based, checked my address and its correct (got my vinyl delivered last week so address is correct on the system) got my presale email last night. I didn't have a code for the first lot of dates released not sure if that has any impact. All help very much appreciated!!!
  15. Has anyone who's code wasn't working got tickets? I'm wondering if longer subscribers are getting in first?? Well I'm hoping that's what it is agghhh
  16. Cleared browser and cache logged off, restarted browser still not working. Am Dublin based and code has not been previously used!
  17. My code won't work! i haven't used it previously and I'm definitely entering it correctly.... please help!!!
  18. Will the info email contain pre-sales codes? When should we expect the email in our inboxes?? Fingers crossed for ticket success!! Thanks for your help!
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