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  1. btw, I did look onto my account page, and my date of birth is there....so its not that. @u2 is such a better and more professionally run site. all of the staff are listed by name and you do not have to work with, for, or contact mysterious avitar people. they list their real names and how to contact them. technical problems are fixed asap. just too bad for this official site. sad.
  2. Stupendous!!! The groom and the grooms men all dancing to multiple choreographed songs?!!! How often will you find 7 men who can dance? and remember all the steps to all these songs?! the groom was the very best dancer too. wow, that was cool! thanks for posting
  3. I did that to my bunny and she bit my finger bc she thought it was a baby carot she bites really hard and it really hurt!!
  4. that is just precious, precious, precious.
  5. He was in the Electric Lady Studios with U2 when they were working on Ordinary Love. Adam thanked Chris for helping them with the song during their acceptance speech at the Golden Globes. The Chris part is at 1:42. thanks u2lawoman! maybe chris is important to u2, and therefore isnt such a wanker as macfoley makes out,, LOL!!
  6. when I pay for a product that doesnt work, I bring it back for a full refund.
  7. Jen, I went to edit my profile and see if one could just fix the problem by re-entering the information, and the option to add your age and date of birth no longer exists! No one told us. No announcements/updates.
  8. Add on C'mon, join in...celebrate with song, dance, writings, videos....lets inspire Poetry...chalk drawings....paintings...sculpture....
  9. @anjana--ha ha!! thats just fine. thank you again
  10. wow anjana this is awesome. did you make this yourself? how do you do it? its very good. well done!! and thank you!!!
  11. does no one take my question seriously?! wtf is wrong with that vampire athlete?! ban the freak!!
  12. Hi shannon! We might stand a chance....just maybe :-) got my dumb-bells right on the TV.....ha ha! xray jets wont even try and answer the question... just so wierd to bite people.
  13. Its a bit sad now, that this World Cup will probably be remembered for this incident rather than all the fantastic games yeah maybe so....maybe not so much....the question is why did he do it? what is the reason? did he get banned yet?
  14. why in the name of god, would any huge contender for a world championship, bite their opponent?
  15. anyone remember Mike Tyson biting off the ear of another contender? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evander_Holyfield_vs._Mike_Tyson_II
  16. Im for mexico at this point just because of max and baja :-) but the biting thing?! what is that? ive been a very competitive athlete and I never wanted to bite my competitors---yuk!!!! Is that psychotic?
  17. it is available only to paid subscribers, something I mentioned to bw in the old zoo..... I think we all attempted to try a help thread in the old zoo, free section...does anyone remember something like this? its hard to remember so much stuff!! I really think we tried and bw tried to help us...idk what happened to that thread...
  18. the usa plays this thursday against an angry german team.... https://sports.yahoo.com/news/u-s--will-face-an-angry-german-team-bent-on-proving-a-point-145537643-soccer.html
  19. max, why is the goal keeper called Memo? His name is guillermo ochoa. I put ur cool pic on my profile page....but it says memo saves....not ochoa... what am I not knowing?
  20. this one?! Wow!! It's also a beautiful site for a nice walk from the parking to the gate before the bridge. This is me last july after crossing the bridge from land to the little opposite island that looks great monica! what a view that must have been. is this a very long bridge and is it hard to do the whole length and then coma ll the way back as well? PS-you look great-do you feel cardio-fit and healthy and well?
  21. all true alma. the greatest love of all is to give your life for another.
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