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  1. ha ha...going out thelma and louise style on my bike
  2. @anjana--ha ha!! thats just fine. thank you again
  3. wow anjana this is awesome. did you make this yourself? how do you do it? its very good. well done!! and thank you!!!
  4. does no one take my question seriously?! wtf is wrong with that vampire athlete?! ban the freak!!
  5. Hi shannon! We might stand a chance....just maybe :-) got my dumb-bells right on the TV.....ha ha! xray jets wont even try and answer the question... just so wierd to bite people.
  6. Its a bit sad now, that this World Cup will probably be remembered for this incident rather than all the fantastic games yeah maybe so....maybe not so much....the question is why did he do it? what is the reason? did he get banned yet?
  7. why in the name of god, would any huge contender for a world championship, bite their opponent?
  8. anyone remember Mike Tyson biting off the ear of another contender? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evander_Holyfield_vs._Mike_Tyson_II
  9. Im for mexico at this point just because of max and baja :-) but the biting thing?! what is that? ive been a very competitive athlete and I never wanted to bite my competitors---yuk!!!! Is that psychotic?
  10. the usa plays this thursday against an angry german team.... https://sports.yahoo.com/news/u-s--will-face-an-angry-german-team-bent-on-proving-a-point-145537643-soccer.html
  11. max, why is the goal keeper called Memo? His name is guillermo ochoa. I put ur cool pic on my profile page....but it says memo saves....not ochoa... what am I not knowing?
  12. today is really unusaully cold, so seems like a good day to finally make that big pot of homemade chicken noodle soup! just gotta run to the store and pick up some corn to throw in... finally, I think I can make use of that old bag od baby carrots too by throwing them into the pot
  13. Shannon, the NFL does indeed take lots of breaks, and it can be maddening.... Here we sit watching super fit athletes and we are supposed to admire them while stuffing our faces with "football food" like brats and burgers!! Makes no sense what so ever.... so I decided to let these athletes inspire me to lift weights during breaks and commercials!!
  14. http://www.faqs.org/sports-science/Dr-Fo/Environmental-Conditions-and-Training.html "Warm weather, which is often accompanied by high humidity, is likely the most common adverse environmental factor encountered by athletes. Warm weather and humidity are also readily adapted to through a gradual introduction of the body to the unaccustomed heat, through both day-to-day living in the warmer conditions as well as training. Most heat acclimatization programs suggest training at approximately 50% capacity for the first four to seven days of the program. Most athletes will achieve 75% heat acclimatization within 10 days of commencement, with 100% tolerance within 21 days. All heat training requires a careful attention to hydration (the average adult requires a minimum of 1 qt (1l) of fluid replacement per hour in temperatures that exceed 75°F (24°C); heat and humidity will increase the body's production of sweat, released as the cardiovascular system brings blood closer to the surface of the skin for cooling." I am amazed and impressed by these world cup athletes!!!
  15. Spicy, today in São Paulo was 59 F. For me, it's cold... so weather is not an excuse if they don't play well. Of course, some cities are hotter. That's why I think Germans are smart because they've decided to stay in a hot city and they're training and doing physical exercises specially at midday... so they're getting ready to play in any temperature. you are absolutely right on that one fernanda!! they are training for the conditions..http://www.faqs.org/sports-science/Dr-Fo/Environmental-Conditions-and-Training.html "The ability of an athlete to overcome environmental conditions is closely tied to the training concept of acclimatization, which requires a focused training approach concerning a specific condition that an athlete expects to face in an upcoming competition or event. Acclimatization is rooted in the inherent ability of the human body to adapt to its surroundings over time in all circumstances."
  16. thanks monica...its like the Olympics then.
  17. todays weather for Maracanã, Rio - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Was 86 degrees F, with 80% Humidity!!
  18. @fernanda Its not every year?!
  19. Memo Saves! This was posted by Max on twitter https://twitter.com/maxtsukino/status/479005720235360256/photo/1
  20. oh, thats right, its fall in brazil... but what is fall in the amazon, temperature wise? I mean, arent you still humid?
  21. Midfielder Zusi from the states is kinda cute
  22. it must be very hard to compete in that kind of weather? how much water can you even drink to match the sheer water loss through perspiration and respiration?! I think it would be impossible to keep up the re-hydration? what do they drink....just water? or are they drinking some gatorade or powerade style drink for electrolytes?
  23. but brazil is ahead of mexico going into their decisive final matches, based upon this thing called "goal difference" https://sports.yahoo.com/soccer/world-cup/brazil-mexico-12129/
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