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  1. As much as I love them I've been really critical about this band the last two years. With that said I just listened to the album four times over the course of two hours and I have to be honest, I think his is the best collection of songs in over 20 years. 

    Every song flies. Even ATYCLB had clunkers (looking at you, "When I Look at the World"). I don't think there is one one here. Amazing record! 

  2. Hello,

    No doubt everyone on here is asking for the same thing but I thought I would try anyway:

    I'm looking for 2 GA tickets for Sept. 22nd in San Diego. 

    My best friend who I've been trying to get to see U2 for a decade is finally free. The time has come to get him to see the boys! 

    If anyone has 2 extra GA tix that won't break the bank please reach out. Thanks!

  3. It's a great sounding song, and has that wonderful soaring feeling that makes you want to dance. FINALLY! lol


    I do wonder why this download was not offered to U2.COM subscribers early? Someone answered me on another forum that they didn't want it to leak.


    Well, now that they've released both the song and the video HOURS early...


    I only ask not to be a pest, but because this is what we pay $50 a year for!


    Anyway, great tune, boys!

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