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  1. Been in the Red Zone now for 3 concerts. Concerts were awesome (as usual), however I'm a bit disappointed about the Red Zone area compared to the stage (especially the Experience stage). First of all when the Red Zone audience is allowed to enter the venue, the GA audience is allowed to enter at the same time. My last experience was that the GA people went in and took their place right in front of the main stage so the Red Zone people didn't have the choice to stay in the Red Zone area or settle in front of the main stage. When entering the Red Zone in Antwerp for instance one could immediately see that the best place to whatch the concert was in front of the main stage. Why not extend both areas all the way to the front of the main stage? In my opinion Red Zone audience is paying a lot of money to see their heroes very close but that's only the case when the band members move themselves all the way to the Red Zone area and that doesn't happen a lot. Understandable with regards to the band members but disappointing for the Red Zone Audience. The most annoying thing however is that for the Red Zone audience it's nearly impossible to see what's going on on the Experience Stage. It's too far away from the Red Zone area and especially for the more little Red Zone audience one can't see anything. My suggestion therefor is to lift up the Red Zone Area somewhat which allowes to view the entire show and not only when it's performed on main stage, no one suffers about doing that...
  2. This our dog Bono, we named him after our biggest idol
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