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  1. Thank you, mods, for your work: My text with code arrived 1 hr ago, got the tix I wanted for NYC. You're the best!
  2. Just hung up with U2.com Help line supervisor: "The Verified Fan process is only for a *chance* to be selected for presale code. Not guaranteed....Yes, this is official position U2com...Language in the FAQs says 'invite,' meaning no guarantee." Kept offering me a refund of my membership as if that would compoensate for this cluster-you-know-what. Cannot express how disappointed I am with U2.com. (Always disappointed with TicketMonster, so that hasn't changed.)
  3. Thanks, Max, I just added the other 2 to PM.
  4. Hi, folks. Don't laugh, everyone had to learn at some point...but is sending an email via the icon on this page considered a PM? I also got the 2nd email, want to submit info in the correct place. Thanks. Signed, Newbie.
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