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  1. Bigwave, Thanks....that's my problem....the album was purchased through U2.com, presale generated from U2.com, and I can't get an answer to that specific question
  2. I have a presale code issued through purchase of the album. The code came with specific instructions as to open/close windows (the code was active last week according to the mail I received). For the new dates just announced today, and instructions on the presale for Experience and Innocence groups, is it possible to use the album purchase presale code for the presales starting tomorrow and Wednesday, 30th & 31st January?
  3. Andy, Thanks for that. I think it's odd that there is only one night at Croke, so I'm not entirely convinced that there won't be a further announcement for Europe (unless it's to do with licensing).....I suppose I was hoping that Glasgow was going to be thrown into the mix, but part of me thinks that when (not if!) they tour SoE, it'll be indoor, so other venues not included in this tour, may be part of that. The bottom line is that my other half didn't want to buy 4 tickets when he didn't need 4 tickets, but he also didn't want to waste an opportunity of a presale code that was available f
  4. My boyfriend has a presale code that he's wanting to use tomorrow to buy 3 tickets.He is in 'Wires' group. Is it possible for him to purchase his desired 3 tickets tomorrow and then to use the same presale code again to purchase 1 ticket (thus using his 4 ticket allocation) at another time for another gig....for instance, a date that hasn't been announced yet - so he'd effectively be using the presale code on one occasion for 3 tickets and another (that could be days/weeks from now) for another ? Thanks!
  5. Absolutely agree. The option for a collector ticket wasn't available when I purchased mine on Wednesday morning. I just called TM UK to ask if I could have it added to my order. I was told that because the presale is still ongoing at the moment, the TM team cannot modify orders but they asked me to call back next week once the presale is done, and the general sale has started and they should be able to modify the order to include the Collector Tickets. Hopefully there shouldn't be any problems getting this done, but it's a bit of a stinger to be honest; Despite attending dozens of concerts
  6. Spongebob, my understanding is that you'll still be able to use your Red Hill presale code right up until presale ends on Friday at 5pm. Some of the site mods have indicated that the tickets should be released in batches, so you may get lucky tomorrow. i set my laptop up an hour before presale started and had the TM page opened.....the clock ticked down for presale to start and I didn't actually have to click on anything; as soon as the countdown ended for the sale to start, the TM page I was on automatically loaded to the ticket option page, so that might be worth trying if you're aiming fo
  7. I know, that's what I thought, but the confirmation email I received and also my TM receipt shows Red Zone - (tried to screen grab from TM but can't get it posted to site, so that's a copy of the TM receipt that i got. Lauren, you're going to U2 - The Joshua Tree Tour 2017 - Standing & Red Zone!the amount debited however is 4x standing tickets.
  8. I purchased 4 tickets for Twickenham this morning with my presale code. My TM confirmation states "Standing & Red Zone".....although I didn't click for Red Zone (don't really want to be in RZ, I would rather be on the pitch) so not really sure why the confirmation shows RZ. I paid standard price , £70 + £8.24 booking fees.
  9. Mine was REALLY footery but managed to get it....My "I'm not a robot" task was to draw an outline round a street sign. After messing around for a minute I realised that it only draws one line at a time, rather than letting me "drag" the mouse....
  10. I took out a subscription last night - a gift subscription for my mum - and I've STILL not had a confirmation mail with my coupon code for her to activate her membership, meaning she also doesn't have a presale code either! I mailed support and the silence has been deafening, which is really pretty disappointing as the whole point of gifting a subscription was so that she would be able to go to see them with me and my brother. I'm fully expecting support to respond......after the second presale finishes.....
  11. Mich, Thank you! I've processed through the shop and I'm now waiting on the email to come through so I can forward on.
  12. Mich, Thank you. Can you tell me will this subscription gift also generate a presale code?
  13. Can someone please tell me how I can gift a subscription to someone? I've been searching the forum to find out how to gift a subscription to someone but I'm not sure how to do it. Would appreciate ANY help!!! I want to take a family member and would like to gift them a year subscription(with presale code,obviously!) but it's really not clear how to do it. If I can get them set up on U2.com, they will purchase tickets for the upcoming tour, but don't know how to get them started, as a gift without them knowing HELP!
  14. Just spent a stressful 2 hours on the phone to TM. Apparently for ONLY the Glasgow and London gigs, "the band and promoter have stipulated" that you must have the bank card the tickets were booked on (the 2 stressful hours were spent getting my ticket booking transferred onto my new card as the card I made the booking on expired earlier this year). TM stressed to me on the phone that I must have my (newly registered) payment card and photo ID - this is for GA standing only - to gain entry to the venue, otherwise I'll be refused admission if I don't have both. TM also told me that my payment
  15. Does anyone know if it's possible to purchase more than one subscription (i.e. 2 subscriptions in the same name)?

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    2. Max Tsukino

      Max Tsukino

      It is against the rules to have two or more subscriptions for 1 person...

    3. Elgee71


      Max, Rhi, thanks for your answers. I need to know something more specific. Myself, my husband and daughter are all subscribed, however my daughter would need to use my card to pay for her tickets (she doesn't have her own credit card) and I've already used my card to purchase 2 from a presale date. Is there a chance my daughter's tickets, or mine even, will be cancelled because the same card has been used for the same family address, even though the subscriber's name is differ...

    4. Rhi_K


      Others with the same situation who have gone ahead have had tickets cancelled, so don't do anything yet, See what Max says, he may be able to help :)

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