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  1. European Leg just announced and still no Toronto shows! I thought perhaps U2 were waiting to announce Toronto show around the TIFF because they’ve been known to come during that week in the past but with the Euro leg during that time, that is no longer a possibility. I find it difficult to believe they would not come to Toronto. Im thinking there will be added NA dates in winter 2018/2019. I still have my pre-sale code hoping Toronto happens, otherwise it’s going to waste.
  2. U2 have always had a good relationship with Toronto. As far as I know- they have never bypassed Toronto on any tour so why would they start now? There will definitely be at least one show, more than likely two, in Toronto. I’m gonna save my presale code for that announcement.
  3. Cant find any info on this but wondering what the general time has been on this tour for letting the GA line into the venue. Also, I heard the band have been going onstage between 8-830pm. Is this correct for most venues?
  4. I have 2 GA that I may want to trade for decent seats. I know the GA face value is less, but up close and personal with the band has its privileges, unfortunately I've recently had a back injury and doubt I will be able to stand for the entire day. If you can get decent seats then I'd be willing to make the trade. Let me know.
  5. I have 2 GA for the Mon show. I would trade them for a level 100 pair with good sight lines. I know the Level 100 cost more from the box office but many people were not able to get GA so here's your chance to be up front and centre with the band.
  6. My friend was in line around 6am i think. We were number 40 or so at that point. I relieved him around noon and he came back around 4pm and we waited together from that point on. We're 41 and 50yo now so doubt we will be in line that long this time around. Plus, last time we were shooting for the inner circle(we were one of the first in the circle and it was amazing experience) but this time there is no circle and the floor area is smaller in general so i don't care if we are further back from stage because it all looks pretty good.
  7. Being a member doesn't guarantee tix will be available for you at presale, especially if you weren't an existing member before(experience category). I would take whatever you can get, better than nothing and trying to battle with tens of thousands of people on Monday.
  8. Usually 1 person joining in is not a problem. We did that in Toronto last tour. We took turns waiting in line. My friend was in line early, i relieved him after 4-5hrs, then he returned a couple hrs before they opened the doors. No problems and most others around were doing the same but we are all pretty civilized here in Toronto, lol.
  9. Many people had issues yesterday as well, including myself. After many failed attempts, i just kept trying over and over again. I think it took about an hour but i finally managed to get a pair of GA for the first Toronto show. Good luck.
  10. Future Islands would be cool just to watch the lead singer dance! But, Arcade Fire opening for the Canadian shows would be awesome. A reunited Hall and Oates would be awesome as well, LOL!
  11. $85 for GA in Toronto(tax/fees included). GA is usually first section to go so hurry.
  12. Is there a back or front to stage? Is it going to be "in the round" like the 360 tour? Even that stage had an area that faced the back of the band though. Maybe this stage will have revolving platform but it's a rectangle! Willy Williams must have something up his sleeve.
  13. I want to trade my GA's for seats but is this not possible because of the paperless/credit card ID ticketing system?
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