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  1. Update.... Just 1 ticket - 304 available now! Row NN Seat 16. Good seat!! Face value of course
  2. Hi Guys I am possibly selling 2 lower Cusack (Section 304 and 307). Definitely selling the 304 and waiting on confirmation back about the other one! Please PM me if interested! Gar
  3. Was looking at a few of the videos and the boys seem to be supporting the old Irish bands with the intro song. I heard the Pogues (Rainy night in Soho - one of my favorite songs ever) and The Waterboys (Whole of the Moon) Was there any other Intro song played and what will they do for Dublin?? Same? Maybe Aslan?? Cant wait to find out! (Thanks maxouille!!)
  4. I just went on to a website https://m.book-a-bnb.com/saint-marthas-bnb-drumcondra.html for example this b&b seems to have accommodation for the 22nd. It is in drumcondra so I am guessing to could be within walking distance of croke park!! And 62 Euro for the night. That's one example on the site. Don't know what is it like but I guess you don't intend staying in it for too long
  5. What's your budget? Remember ireland is small and Dublin has outer parts where the buses and trains go to! Places like Blanchardstown, swords(near airport), tallaght etc... they would have cheaper accommodation to the city centre and all about a 30 min bus journey to Croke park!! Loads of b&bs
  6. Hi guys Looking for 2 GA tix or somethig close to stage - seated either!! Please help!! Thanks Gar
  7. Hi all Looking for 2 tickets for Dublin. Pitch 2 or lower tier either side of the stages - as close as possible . Please PM me if you can help! Thanks
  8. I would think that the GAA maybe part of the "logistical" reason! I cannot remember the rules but is there something about only allowing 2 or 3 concerts in Croke Park each year? And remember the Garth Brooks saga so that might be something! I really hope there is another on because I am in trouble at moment with no tix!!
  9. Croker is actually about a 10 to 15 min (longer in traffic obviously) journey from the Airport. So any of you just doing a short 1 nighter -maybe the Airport hotels are an option. When you go from the Airport towards the City center, you actually go past Croke Park.
  10. If you cannot go - please keep me in mind as I failed to get 1 ticket!! I am an idiot who thought presale was starting last Friday!! Thanks
  11. Hi all not sure what forum to post this on but wondering if U2 fans are meeting up for a few little beers somewhere before the show??? I don't really know San Sebastian so any suggestions very welcome! Anyone know of a nice bar close to the venue?? I know if I was a real fan I would be queuing for GA but this time round could not get the tickets! So i am going to enjoy the more leisurely experience instead!! Used to be plenty of forum messages in the past about the pre-show parties - it this now a thing of the past??? Lets resurrect it!! Bring it on!!
  12. Im going from Dublin. Ryanair flights to Biarritz for €44 (2 hrs) Train from Biarritz for €13.50 (I think) (30 min) Did you not check the Biarritz route?
  13. Yeah I am a GA guy too!! I hoped to be GA for Boston but tickets were already acquired. So to go from GA to back of stage is not great. I did seats in Hawaii for Vertigo and it was fantastic. But who am I to argue with someone who has seen them 10 times this year......WOW!
  14. Yeah it seems to be a bit hit and miss with the 360 tour as regards where you go! that's why I was wondering if the setup is working for this tour! I was on Edges side of the pit that day and it was great. the second day I went for the front of the outer circle and it was brilliant. But back of the stage is not good. Were you in GA for Boston?
  15. I could sleep ok after Dublin show...........But that's because I was in GA line from 8am and then jumped up and down for entire show so I actually fell into bed when I got home. My legs are still recovering!
  16. Just want to get a general thought about the 360 tour with regards to the stage set up and.........."IS IT REALLY WORKING"??? Let me first share my experience of my experience with you. First of all it was Dublin and while looking forward to the day arriving, my first dissappointment came when I saw the plan for Croke Park was different to the rest with the stage more to 1 end and nobody behind the stage. More of a 180 than 360!! But I was in the pit for 2 of the nights so didn't matter and it turned out to be the best concert I have been at since ZOO TV only to be rivaled with Elevation in Slane! It was fantastic. So next up was Boston where I was happy I was going to see them in their full 360 glory. And my God was this a different story!! Firstly our 1hr round trip took 8 hours. We decided to give ourselves plenty of time to get there (leaving at 4pm to be there for a bit of tailgating and then in for SnowPatrol)......We got there so late we missed snowPatrol. We got home at 4am. I know it is not the Bands fault but they pay the wages of the people who research these venues. I would be asking questions if I were them!! Next we got there to find out that out tickets were for right behind the stage - the people I was with were not happy because this was their first show of the tour...I didn't mind because I had seen them already and infact I was happy to see how the 360 worked from the back. And so to my opinion.................TERRIBLE Before I rant on I will say that the band were their usual greatness (even though I thought they held off a bit compared to Dublin for some reason - at least i didn't feel their same passion anyway.) and the sound could not be better! So to my rant...... 1. Our seats (even thought at the back) were very good by the fact that we were a couple of rows from the front. the front being a quarter of the way up because I would say the first 15 rows from the bottom up were empty in which I presume was due to visibility restrictions. So all that was below us were metal structures, a few security men and engineers running around and a completely empty field. Personally if i was in a stand I would like to be looking over the crowds on the pitch and getting the buzz off them. 2. I don't think anyone told the band that it was 360 because they literally spent no time at the back of the stage. The closest we got to see them was when they walked over the bridges at the side to get to the front of the outer circle. And in fact, Bono never graced us once. Again personally when at a concert, no matter how far back back, I prefer to be looking at the band's faces and not the back of their heads. I actually found it quite amusing at one stage for one of the songs, Larry's drumkit swivelled around to face us, like a charitable recognition, just to quickly swivel around again for the rest of the show! 3. This setup definately had a bad impact on the fans because from where I was, it was fairly sombre compared to a normal U2 show. For the first time ever, I found myself sitting on my seat for part of a U2 performance, as was everybody around me. Unthinkable!! no matter what people say, this vibe was felt throughout the back portion of the arena. There was absolutely no comparrisson to Dublin. 4. Looking back on the setup in Boston, I figure that at least half (probably closer to 3/4) of the people in that stadium that night were viewing the stage from the either side or back because in Gillette staduim there is a gap at one end and this was the end that would have been facing the stage so there were more people seated at the back end than the front. So if there were 45000 at the concert, U2 would habe been playing to about 15000 people who were facing them for most (all) of the concert. So sorry Willie Williams and co. but I think you got this one wrong!! (Not the stage though - awesome) I don't think this has brought the fans closer to the group - I was with a group of 15 fans who were very dissappointed. It was my worst U2 concert but thankfully I already had one of my best U2 experiences a few months before that in Dublin (NON 360 setup). Ok, some people go to a concert just to hear the live music and watching the performers on a big screen is ok with them, but most like to see the bans also. It is funny because this tour was all about getting more closer and intimate with the fans...............Going away from the smaller arenas like the TD Banknorth and Madison Sq Garden to bigger stadiums with half of the crowd not facing them, in my opinion, is not the way to do it!
  17. Hi Any suggestions for Pre or Post U2 gathering for the Sun or Monday in Boston??? Lets make it a good one....
  18. Still think they could try something since it was bad for the last tour in Croke Park. Have a look at the stadium plan for Milan - that looks best and actuallyit was same for Vertigo and if you have seen the DVD for Vertigo from Milan it was probably their best!! Not sure why they could not use that for Croke Park.
  19. Hello all! Just wondering if there is any way of getting a message to the U2 crew (More so Willie Williams or his staff) It is in relation to the gigs in Croke Park, Dublin! Even though it is a 360 tour I notice that the stage is more or less in same position as last tour... i.e. A lot closer to one end (Hill 16 stand) and far faraway from Davin Stand! (I have GA tickets so not bothering me too much) And those of you who know Croke Park, it is a lot bigger than Soccer stadiums as a GAA pitch is much bigger. After Vertigo gigs in Croke park I talked to a lot of people who were in the Davin stand and everyone of them were extremely disappointed after the showbecause the sound was terrible and they could hardly see the stage. It was supposed to be very bad place to watch it from. So if anybody knows anybody in U2 staff could you possibly relay this message to them to ask if it possibly be a 360 concert and have the stage more central? Anyone been to the concerts on Croke Park last time experience this????
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