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  1. Great meeting you today! Thanks for all of your great work getting info.
  2. Thank you at721! I am interested to find out where the fan-organized GA line will start (before 6 AM) because I am ready to camp. I know we can't camp on property, so does anyone know what the off-site will be?
  3. I guess I should have clarified:where are people gathering before 6 AM?
  4. Ok...so where/when will the "pre-line" start? I am getting to Boston late Thursday afternoon and plan to head over and see if anyone has started a line.
  5. Also waiting to hear about Boston info Attending show July 10th in GA, hoping to do meet and greet July 11th
  6. Heading to Boston in a few weeks for the for July 10th show. Any info regarding GA line location would be appreciated! I tried to call TD Garden but got no info. Also, info for the meet and greet line would be most welcome. I plan to try for the meet and greet on the 11th.
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